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Best Buy

being that I have course textured hair I was very skeptical about this product! After I used it a few times, even at the first time, I loved it. This product did not weigh my hair down nor did dry my hair out...even better it really didn't strip my hair rinse! My hair feels bouncy,light, and free lol. I would recommend this product to everyone!

The best liner so far!

I love this product i found them at my local beauty supply and decided to buy one in black and in teal! What's so great about this product is although I'm a huge MAC fan, the price is low, it's easy to glide on, and hard to wipe off( SMUDGE PROOF!!!). I wore this liner in black all day and all night without ever refreshing and it lasted until i removed it when I washed my face for the evening! I would recommend this product over any gel liner or liquid liner out there because it's truly smudge proof, last all day, and it only cost $3.99! The best liner so far!


Okay so I didn't clearly read the label when it said it came with a mini brush, but I hate the brush and the fact that the top is closed off to where it's the only brush you can use, I love the color, I have another in the light blue but your limited because of the tiny brush!

Wet Much?

This product stayed wet forever, it clumped up smudged and the color decieved me I have a pink shimmer I believe it's called and it goes on best as shimmer coat over your favorite polish, but i wouldn't do it because it may never dry!


My grandmother is a lover of Chanel makeup so i decided to try it out. Well this base is wonderful, it's not oily it doesn't make me feel cakey nor does my foundation cake up or look old when I'm out all day, it allow for the foundation to go o smoothly without faults, I love it! and RECOMMEND it to everyone!

Over it!

I'm usually not the person to jump on the bandwagon for stretch mark vanishers but I decided to try it. I used it all through out my pregnancy and three months afterwards. so a good yr. I'm not happy, not only did I recieve stretch marks, they haven't faded away even with my continual usage... I'm over it ,done!

This product works well for me. i don;t have a lot of acne or blackheads but I love the feeling of it working to keep them away. It works wonders for me during that time of the month but I never get more then 2 pimples at the MOST which is perfect for me because for some reason a lot events happen around that time lol

This product works wonders on my t-zone, which is oily. I never could really find products that worked for my skin, besides Olay Sensitive Skin ,and this product work well on my face, it may hurt a b it but it worked wonders!

Very unhappy with this prodct when it comes to expectations of color. I recently purchased this in the black shade and I was dissapointed! The eye shadow was more shimmery than black and it was upsetting especially because i was going out that night and was looking to wear a black eyeshadow and I heard some good reviews on this product. NOT a FAN the pigment in color was no where to be found!

This is wonderful because it looks great on MAC pigments as well as plain by itself. I also love it because it's so sticky and I have been known to use it as hair gel for a fix in public lol. This is the greatest in the lipglass family from MAC!

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