L.A. Colors

Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow


Morgan R.

Yes, i do agree the brush is...horrible. But the actual product is amazing. if you depot it then press it with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol it works fantastic great colors highly pigmented.

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Chloe Monique D.

This Product is easy to apply and very long lasting It has a bunch of colors to choose from and the price is very good to you.. I recommend highly for any collection..

Karley H.

These were one of my first makeup product purchases. They still get worn today with all the expensive brands because they hold up and have GREAT pigmentation! It's true some drugstore brands are great too but I got these at a dollar store & love them! They will stay all day with a primer! Great product, WOW price!

Kiesha B.

This was another one of my 1st makeup products EVER! They are always at the Dollar store. You get a lot of product for the price, and they last forever. This is my go to and one of the only products that I have continued to use from my adolescence.The product has great pigmentation. My only complaints would be that there is fall out with this product and the packaging is cheap . But HEY! You get what you pay for ! Good cheap product! (:

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Devin-Rose T.
Only problem....packaging

I brought 3 of theses as a last minute purchase. The color is pretty good, I would definitely use a primer to help them pop. Especially on darker skin tones. The only problem I had with them was the poor packaging. The brushes are horrible, the tiny opening to get to the product is ridiculous and withing a week the lids broke. I ended up depoting them.

Mindy D.
not even worth a buck!

I found the product to have a horrible smell!! I find that less exspensive cosmetics have an odor, and LA COLORS seems the have the strongest stench. I purchased the pink shadow, and even with urban decay pp, they color pay off was horrible. Not worth your money ladies!

Dallas Lynne S.

So I am so in love with shimmery and sparkly things right now and I have a ton of eye glitters. So I thought it would only be fair to buy some very shimmery eye shadow. I had went to a local Dollar Tree and had bought one of these and I would have to say I absolutely love it! I wore it to school one day and it made my eyes pop! Everyone said my eye makeup looked awesome. I defiantly recommend this to anyone who wants something shimmery for either partys, dancing, or just any day!

Julie S.

love! i have four of them i got at the dollar store perfect if your a college kid on a budget like me. i just wish i could find more colors i have yellow pink and white. the only problem is its hard to use with primer

Vanessa H.

This is a great shimmer shadow. It lives up to its description, with one exception. The design that this product it held in is absolutely terrible! When you open it, it flies everywhere so make sure you have something beneath it to catch the 'shimmering surprise' that's about to erupt before you! (:

Pamela M.
Photo of product included with review by Pamela M.

honestly this is the very 1st LA colors products that i have ever bought,,and I must say that im really glad that i did..i have only used it once..but I love the way that it looked and ladies it was only $1..this is definately on my list for " BEAUTY ON A BUDGET "