Beauty Product Reviews

Does the job pretty well.

This primer does it's job well. Hydrates my skin and my foundation lasts the day/ night. The consistancy is a gel-cream like formula. Its really nice kept in the fride during summer and applied as a little pick me up on makeup free days :P -1 1/2 stars because my skin doesn't feel perfectly smooth and pores are still visible. This primer won't give you a flawless 'airbrushed' foundation result. Don't get me wrong your skin will look fine but not perfect... I hope you understand what i mean...?? With all the added vitamins and botanicals its a nice moisturising treat to your skin. Also nice to apply generously to sun burn skin as the cucumber and aloe vera are soothing. Its worth a try.

My skin is loving me for this.

I purchased my first bottle of this about 3 years ago, only recently finished. I was tired of seeing it on my bathroom shelf. Since the change of weather (its now winter in Aus) my skin has changed, dry and itchy. I also have dark stretch marks on my legs. For the last 3 weeks i have been using it everywhere on my body, arms, elbows, legs, back, hips, tummy, chest (seeing early signs of sun damange :'() my skin is so soft, doesn't feel dry or itchy anymore. ugly stretch marks have faded dramatically (yay). I did try it on my face but pretty sure it cause my last break out?? so i stick to my olay for my face. At first it seems oily but usinga small amount and more where needed is the key. if you squeeze a handful out you'll never rub it in to your skin and you'll hate the product. using a little at a time and massaging it in, you skin soaks it up. I love it so much now i bought my 2nd bottle which should see me until late august - september.

The only liner that stays in my waterline.

Over the last few years i've tried all sorts of liners, pencil, liquid, more pencils and of course more liquids. Pencils always fade when applied on my waterline even the more waxy textured ones. Lately i have been asked how do you get you eyeliner looking so perfect and fresh. My secret... GEL EYELINER. Napoleons China Doll Eyeliner is fantastic. I apply it with a pencil (dip it in just on the tip and apply it like pencil e/y). It stay put all day long, perfect in summer when everything seems to melt of our faces. it doesn't irritate my eyes. applys so smooth. as a liner for the upper lash line its impossible to make a mistake with with (application with angle brush is best) With the range of colours there is something for everyone, Equinox is my favourite a highly pigmented black gel liner. nothing beats it!

Flawless coverage.

this is my founation of choice in summer or any special occassion, as its lightweight and longwearing. applied with a great foundation brush (i prefer sigmas F80) it leaves my skin looking airbrushed. because of the seft-setting formula you have to work quite fast when applying so it doesn't become streaky. Its fine to wear alone but i set it with a powder for added coverage. It last all day long and stays fresh with very few touch ups needed.

Magic in a Bottle!

This little beauty is for the napoleon cake eyeliner which looks like a black eyeshadow but add 2 drops of this it turns to a liquid. But i love this stuff because i can turn any loose pigment/ eyeshadow into a liquid liner or use it to apply the pigments and an eyeshaow all over with great staying power. I've had my bottle for 2 years now and im not even half way. not that i use it every day. an essential product to purchase in the napoleon range.

Airbrush in a can

If you want airbrushed flawless skin then you should try this. The Boudoir Mist Spray isn't a foundation you'd reach for everyday. Its perfect for special occassions; formals (proms), a day at the races, parties but ultimately perfect for weddings as every bride wants to look her best on her big day. Great coverage alone, heat proof and sweat proof. It does set in its own with a semi matte finish, but i like to add a little powder (Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish) down the T-zone area for lasting perfection. It is expensive about $69AUD (i think) but for a once off application every few weeks/ months its worth the investment.

Pretty good scrub... for now.

I have oily skin so i like a scrub that is going to clean my skin well, i like the ones that are really grainy. I saw this in store on sale and decided to give it ago as i was previously using another St Ives scrub. I wasn't disappointed by it claims but i still feel like there might be something better out there??? I use this every 2nd to 3rd night in the shower depending how my skin feels. After massaging it into my skin in a circular motion i rise and my skin is smooth, it doesn't irritate or burn. The smell is quite pleasant too.

Theatrical - Flirty & Fun

I wore the Cateye lashes in my I Want Candy video i have on youtube. I think they totally owned the makeup. I did trim them quite a bit to fit my eyes as the ends to curl alot. They feel heavy at first and seems difficult to see up but after awhile you get use to them. I wouldn't wear them out clubbing and such but perfect for halloween, photoshoots etc. They are a beautiful lash if you love bold and fun looks, give them ago. This is based on my experience. I've had mine for almost a year now and they still look as perfect the day i bought them. I remove the lash glue with eye makeup remover and any mascara transfer. I place them back in the package to keep their shape. (There are for my own personal use). I will repurchase in the future!

For eyes that dare to be noticed.

I have both the Burning Heart and Sweet Heart palettes. AMAZING! The colour discs are so large you'll never run out of them. The pigment quality is INSANE! Love+ and Dollypop are notorious for staining my eyelids when worn for a long period of time (even with an eyeprimer), you know you are buying quality here. They are matte shadows, though Afterparty and Midori have little sparkle to them but nothing over the top. Very easy to blend. These eyeshadows are perfect for girls or guys who love to have eyes that scream for attention. There are no products available to my knowledge here in Australia that come close to these. The price of one of these palettes is the equivalent to the cost of a single high end brand eyeshadow here. Shipping is $0 if you spend big :) then when you wear it out you are the envy of everyone. Especially when they can buy it right away. Yay for online shopping and international shipping! My world would be very B&W without Sugarpill. Seriously needs 5 more stars because its a 10!

A must have brush!

Have you ever seen a celebrity or catwalk model with a beautifully blended eye makeup and wondered how do i achieve that? Simple you NEED this brush! It blends flawlessly, holds colour well (but doesn't stain). Perfect for slowly building colour and smoothing out harsh edges. Its a must have brush if you want to apply your makeup like a pro :)

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