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About Me

I love Make up, and of course thats why everyone else is a member on this site! LOL! Im hoping to become a make up guru on Youtube one Day, but not atm. I just dont have all the equitement I need atm. Im 19 Years Old, I will be going to school for fashion design in the fall so im really excited for that! I was born and raised in Milwaukee WI, and still lives there. I love to play sports! Althought I am a Very Big girl, but that will never stop me! xD Im a kid at heart and a loving and caring person! (;

Update- Nov 14, 2011 Hello Everyone! Its been awhile... LOL But Hey So if you read UP THERE ^, you can see that I said I wanted to start a youtube channel... Will I did! =D I started a while ago but just forgot to update everyone here xD super sorry! But Its not just me... :) Its me and my two other sisters also! YAY!!!! LOL Although there not very active in the channel its ok. The link is right up there, scgStyles =). Ill come back haha they do have a couple videos up though. But Im mostly the active one, but not recently, Been going through some pretty rough stuff, but I will be back soon! =D TTYgL <3

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Light
Skin Type: Sensitive, Combination
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Dry, Oily