Beauty Product Reviews

Love It!

Omgosh this brush for me is a must have! It's the only flat top brush I have and I only use this for my foundation even though its a multi uses. It just buffs everything out so beautifully! I have perfect flawless skin with this brush! (i think) but yeah $14 I think it was at Target. Great great brush! I don't think I can have another flat top :)

I love how it looks when u put it on for the first or second time, but it drys out really fast! The third for forth time i wanted to use it, it wouldnt open because it was drying out to fast. I thought it was a waste of $9! =( But i would recommend getting the smaller version of this though. =)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this primer! It does what it says it does. I wouldnt recommend this for everyday use though, only if your ganna have a really really bizy day and you wont have anytime to do any tounch ups. Or if u just wanna look good all day long LOL! :)