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a great formula

The bottle is different from the usual nail polish bottles. They are simple & clean but elegant. A sticker with the name of the polish is placed on the top of the brush handle making it easy to see the name of each polish. The polishes goes on opaque, I apply 2 coats at the most. It doesn't chip or peel off. The only thing i'm not too much of a fan of is the brush. It's a little small almost like using one of those kid nail polish brushes.

Neutrals you need

I don't usually wear too much neutral colors. Nether did I own the original Naked palette for that reason. But I really wanted to add more neutral colors to my collection for when I needed them. Overall I think this palette is really great. It's easy to take when traveling, you can create numerous looks, snaps close & has a large mirror. The only thing I 'd have to say it that there are a lot of shimmery colors. I do wish it included more matte colors, it'd be a little more practical to use everyday.

Stay strong

Over the year I have really fallen in love with wearing lipstick. With wearing lipstick you worry about it wearing off or feathering, so finding the right liner is key. I really like things that have all-day stay power & are low maintenance. These lipliners do that for me. It stays on all day I don't touch up once, even with eating a couple meals through out the day. It doesn't make my lips feel dry which is something I tend to have a problem with when wearing lipsticks. This is one product I'll continue to purchase.

Make your eyeshadow pop

I really like using these as a base to make my eyeshadows really pop! It's also really affordable. Blending out the product to a more sheer wash will help prevent creasing. Especially since this is a creamy product. I use Milk most often because it works with all colors. I never had problems sharpening this pencil I use NYX or UD pencil sharpener. But recently I went to sharpen all my eye pencils because I knew a good amount of them were getting dull. For some reason I couldn't sharpen the pencil & I tried many different things to try to get it to sharpen. Eventually I ended up mutilating it & depoting what ever product that was stuck in the tube. Not sure if it was the fact the pencil was too dull because the sharpener blade was just sliding right over the pencil. Even though I got a little frustrated I do really like these for a base.

This isn't going anywhere...

literally you need to scrub this stuff off. Although I don't recommend scrubbing it off. The colors are vibrant! You can use this for a pop of color when wearing neutral shadows, or amp up your already colorful look. Either way these are great.

Holds my curl & stays where it's suppose too!

I have tried numerous mascaras but none have been able to hold my curl. No complains about my lashes they are wonderful but don't curl naturally. After a couple hours my lashes would loose it's curl. Wanting to try this I had faith that this mascara would do the trick. And it has! The applicator is great as well. I was expecting something bulkier but the bristles are shorter making application easy. The formula doesn't clump & lengthens beautifully making it look like your natural lashes.

Good Price, Great Colors...

This is my favorite palette out of the three 120 palettes. Great for people who don't want to spend too much money but are looking for many options. It's has a nice range of colors as well as nice color pay off. I do use these over a base to help the colors pop more. Also a nice size to pack on a trip. This way you don't have to sacrifice leaving colors at home because it'll be too much.

A great buy!!!

A nice range of colors. Urban Decay 24/7 pencils are my favorite eye pencils. Perversion is my go to pencil for the waterline. They stay all day. I don't have to worry about having to do a touch up or check if they'll begin to give me raccoon eyes. The colors are vibrant. Although I wish they sold Perversion individually. The sharpener is a nice quality as well. I recently replaced my NYX sharpener & started using the UD one (which I was saving to keep it nice).

I have NEVER used any other lash glue...

Since I've started applying false lashes I started with this glue & haven't found one I love more. Dries quick but gives you enough time for a bit of adjustment. Doesn't irritate the eye. This will last you through out the day, night or both.

A Favorite.

The polish is opaque & the thick tapered brush shape works better than a regular polish brush. The bright colors are great and definitely not sheer at all. How the color looks in the bottle that's how you can expect it to look on your nails. Although it's a 5 step in 1 bottle polish I still apply a top coat for more of a shine.

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