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Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara

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Johanna S.

This mascara performs magic tricks. It has these little fibers in it that lengthen your eye lashes like you've got falsies and holds my pin straight curls up all hours of the night like a waterproof mascara should do! Actually had it on in the shower and it didn't smudge but it also didn't hold my curl but I don't care about those things.

Charae G.
Good, but not great.

I have to say, crying tears with this on is fine. It doesn't run. I even take a shower with it on and it still doesn't come off. Use a makeup remover to get it off. I use Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover. This mascara doesn't define, volumize, or lengthen your lashes. It's just waterproof coating basically. Put it on over your favorite mascara. That works best.

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Cherry C.
great mascara!

I heard that this mascara was made for surfers so I made this purchase to test whether or not it will work on my Korean lashes. It lengthened my lashes and kept the curl for a long time! At the end of the day, I did have light smudges on the bottom of my eyes.. Hmm..maybe it's my stubborn lashes?! Anyways, this is a great mascara and I love it! I'm recommending this to my friends!

Courtney T.
Holds my curl & stays where it's suppose too!

I have tried numerous mascaras but none have been able to hold my curl. No complains about my lashes they are wonderful but don't curl naturally. After a couple hours my lashes would loose it's curl. Wanting to try this I had faith that this mascara would do the trick. And it has! The applicator is great as well. I was expecting something bulkier but the bristles are shorter making application easy. The formula doesn't clump & lengthens beautifully making it look like your natural lashes.

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Casey L.
Budge & Smudge Proof! Quite AMAZING!

I truly love this mascara! It stays on through swimming (yes, underwater) and even steam showers! Yet it smoothly glides off as soon as makeup remover rubs against it- UNHEARD OF! I stroungly recommend this to any and everyone who wants insane length and staying power!

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