Urban Decay

15 Year Anniversary 24/7 Pencil Set


Tina Marie C.
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Definitely well worth the money spent! I bought this set some time after it came out and I just love the colors that come in it. All the colors are so versatile and they really glide on so effortlessly. The sharpener that comes with it is amazing! But the little pick that comes with it broke because I guess I was too rough with it. LOL. Other than that AMAZING liners. Love it!

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Donna T.
HG eyeliner.

I was ecstatic when they brought this out. It was $95, which is INSANE, but I would do it again if they offered it up. A lot of the colors were limited edition and exclusive to the pack. The formulation is amazing, they're all wonderful and easy to use. I will say that I've never touched the pink one, Asphyxia. there isn't anything wrong with it, I'm just hardpressed to find something to wear it with.. I've thought about putting it on the water line or used as an inner corner highlight though!

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Myrna P.
Died Down

I was obsessed with getting my hands on these bad boys. I like perversion but I feel like it smudges way too much. I like a nice thin line and I cannot achieve without a super steady hand. I just think the color runs and that is not what I am looking for

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Ashley R.
Freaking AMAZZZING!!!

I looove these!!!! this set is my holy grail of eyeliners! theyre so creamy and stay on all day n night! Really great deal! My favorite is defintely the teal and dark purple !!

Diane H.

I remember purchasing these, and not ever regretting the desicion. every one i knew kept saying that is was so expensive. but when you think about the price for one urban decay eye pencil, this is actually a great deal. These are soo pigmented and creamy smooth. I love the range of colors! the possibilities for looks is endless with these.

Cat E.

Urban decay has once again prevailed, this eyeliner set is amazing! The colors were fun and bright and the name doesn't lie the liners really do glide on. My Favorites out of the pack are the dark purple, dark brown, and black. I definitely recommend this product and any of the liners in it.

Theresa G.
No Other

I am really obsessed with these eyeliners. I love that that there all true to their color. They simply glide on and stay in place. When this collection came out I was hesitant on getting it. But I am very happy that I went with my gut and purchased it. My all time favorite is perversion. It is a GREAT khol consistency eyeliner that does not budge.

Brittani L.

OMG OMG OMG..i love this product soooo much. I bought mine at Ulta a couple of months ago and i have never loved a product soooo much. The colors are SUPER pigmented which is a double thumbs up for me.

Courtney T.
A great buy!!!

A nice range of colors. Urban Decay 24/7 pencils are my favorite eye pencils. Perversion is my go to pencil for the waterline. They stay all day. I don't have to worry about having to do a touch up or check if they'll begin to give me raccoon eyes. The colors are vibrant. Although I wish they sold Perversion individually. The sharpener is a nice quality as well. I recently replaced my NYX sharpener & started using the UD one (which I was saving to keep it nice).

Soraya T.

- 15 Eye pencils - Awesome colours, that can fit any eye - Less than $ 100 - 1 sharpener, that you can use for Jumbo pencils. Summary: Great purchase, I don't regret it at all.