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Super pigmented and moisturizing, Best lipstick ever!!

Ok, so the formula it's self is amazing. It glides on so smooth and just feels sooo rich on your lips once applied. The moisture this lipstick provides is out of this world, I actually don't even need to apply a lipgloss after and still get the same look!! As for the color, Juicy Melons is a beautiful melony pink color perfect to brighten up a dull winter day or great paired with a floral spring dress!!! The color isn't your typical pink. it has more melon in it and is right on the border to coral, which is another color I love! Sooo, with the amazing formula and feel of this lipstick, mixed with all these bright beautiful colors makes it a no brainer for me.. I have this lipstick in 3 shades already; and I plan on getting more!!

Best bronzer ever!!

I used to use a bronzed by Mac til I found this one by Too Faced. I fell in love instantly on my first application. It may appear dark, but once applied it blends very well into almost every skin tone. It's perfect for contouring and great to add a little extra color to your face, not to mention it really smells like cocoa! =)

Great selection of Colors!

I am in love with this palette!! This is my newest addition to my makeup collection and I am very very happy! I originally went in looking for just a pretty olive green color for my eyes. I figured I’d spend the extra money for the palette vs. the single so I could get more bang for my buck. I stumbled on this palette and picked it up instantly.. The colors really stand out no matter what color I tried. I love all the glitter and shimmer colors too, I have a bunch of matte’s already so I didn’t mind this one not have any. The green I wanted is Mildew and its striking next to my brown eyes, make them really pop. My second favorite color is Last Call, it’s just dark enough to be able to blend a little in with one of the neutrals. I’d say get this, 100%, if not for you than for one of your friends.. Christmas is coming after all. =)

I love these colors! It's like a continuation of Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons.

Ok, I absolutely love these colors. I now have this pallet and the Shadow Bon Bons pallet and they really go together perfectly. The colors in this pallet are high pigmented colors that can create a bunch of new eye looks this holiday season. The colors are shades of gold and shades of silver so I can go however dark or light I want, depending on the time of day. It also comes with a really nice highlighter that gives a nice golden hue to my face and a bronzer that isn't to dark for my olive skin tone but isn't to light either which is great. For some reason though they put a gloss in here with all the powder shadow, bronzer, and highlighter. It's actually in the bottom drawer between the bronzer and highlighter so I'm worried it will get ruined within few days of use. I actually wish they added a blush in that spot instead or something...makes more sense!!!

light pretty scent

I like the smell of this perfume-it's a light floral scent that reminds me of Spring. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to buy the big bottle of this, or just get the holiday pack with the other scents in it. It's a win win for me either way =)

This gives my face a dewy look no matter what kind of makeup I'm using.

I love this stuff! I can use powder on my face now without the worry that it's going to look chalky. I just do my makeup like normal, then just spritz this a few times over my makeup and my skin looks as if nothing is on it. Not to mention it helps make my makeup stay on a lot longer than without it. Also, I can re-spritz my face to add a bit of moisture that’s been lost throughout the day which is extra convenient. I don’t have to mess up my makeup by rubbing moisturizer in, I can just spray it on and let it soak in. Now, I can’t even think of doing my makeup without this stuff!!

Makes every hair stay in place.

My eyebrows sometimes go every which way in the morning from my pillow the night before. This helps them look more uniform in appearance plus they stay in place all day. The gel doesn't dry hard like a hair gel or anything, and I hardly notice it's even there. Another one of my must haves for my make up bag, great stuff.

Great mascara, absolutely love it.

This mascara is great! Before this I was using benefits Bad Gal Lash(still do sometimes) and also using some falsies and individuals to achieve the look I wanted. Now, I use this for my everyday look and my eyes look vibrant even with neutral colors. I don't like the false fiber mascaras since I wear contacts; I'm always worried about them falling into my eyes with my luck. This gives a similar affect without any worry and I love that! I'm am defiantly running back for more when this one runs empty. I really love this mascara!

In love with this hair masque!!

Wow is all I can say. This masque really works, my hair feels amazingly soft and shiny. I used to use bed heads peppermint hair masque before this and that's a great one also; this one is better priced however. I tried a $4 packet at my local Ulta and immediately ran back for more, but this time I got the bigger tub. =) Highly recommend you try this.

An essential product in my makeup bag

This is on par if not better than the Makeup Forever finishing powder. I put this on after my foundation and it just sets my makeup off. My skin looks perfect and not cakey one bit, not to mention how soft it makes my skin. My boyfriend even said something about how great my skin looked and this is the only new thing I was using at that time. I use Benefits the Porefessional after my moisturizer, than Lancom Teint miracle, and than this. I wait a few minutes and spritz my face with Urban Decays Dew Me setting spray and I couldn't be happier with how my makeup looks.

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