Too Faced

Glamour To Go Spun Sugar Edition


Emily B.
Good Palette!

I like all of the eye shadow colors, my favorites are the darkest ones! The dark brown and the blue/grey. I only wish that there was no fall out and more pigmentation on the lighter colors. The eye shadows are blend-able and last all day. But I like the bronzer and highlighter! For the gloss the powder gets all over it so becomes a bit messy. Over all its a very good palette!

Amy B.

I loveeee this! Eyeshadows- The colors are very pretty, and you can create some gorgeous looks with them. For some reason I find that they go on better when I apply with my fingers instead of a brush. When used with primer, it stays on very well (even in my sleep, I woke up to pretty makeup!) Highlighter/Bronzer- Also applied with my fingers and love them both to no end! The bronzer looks great on my fair skin and not orangey, and is great for contouring. The highlighter is also great, and shimmery, with a nice color like a peachy pink with gold. Lipgloss- This is the only thing I don't like in the kit. I'm not sure if it is supposed to go on clear or tinted, but thats basically all it does is make my lips shiney, and I personally like a hint of color.

Marie S.

I saw this palette and knew instantly that I HAD to have it. As usual, the shadows are highly pigmented and super blendable. The color range is perfect for someone looking for tangibility in their looks. For my own personal use, I find myself reaching for this palette all the time. I can create so many different looks with it. I also like how it offers gold as well as silver, so I can match my inner corner highlight with whatever metal accessories I'm sporting that day. The bronzer and highlighter are great as well, however, I do like a shimmery highlight. The lipgloss does pair well with everything else in the palette since of course it is sheer. This wouldn't be the palette for you if you're looking to focus on the lips, but for eyes and all around on-the-go kit, it's a definite steal! This is my favorite of the Glamour to Go palettes so far!

Sheena J.
A good palette

The eye shadow colors in this palette are very sparkly and will work with most skin tones. I find them a bit too sparkly for "every day", but fun for night! The bronzer and highlighter are great! The lip gloss is nothing special.

Damaris O.
You want a change of look , try this limited-edition

wow, Your got to try this limited-edition purse sized palette, the colors are great for everyone, the pigmentation is perfect and it feels so natural when in use , a great gift for all .

Bailey B.
All-in-one Must-have

The eyeshadows in this palette are great and live up to the Too Faced standard but are limited in shade range. Still, it's a great neutral palette for both warm and cool skin tones! The contour and highlight are perfect additions to this palette and make it the perfect product to travel with. The lip gloss is so-so and nothing to rave about, but I would purchase this palette without it!

Lauren L.

I love this palette!! The colors have a lot of pigmentation and they're colors I can use often. I haven't used the bronzer in the palette on myself yet, but I did use it when I was doing a friend's makeup and it looked very nice on her. Definitely recommend it =)

Andrea M.
I love these colors! It's like a continuation of Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons.

Ok, I absolutely love these colors. I now have this pallet and the Shadow Bon Bons pallet and they really go together perfectly. The colors in this pallet are high pigmented colors that can create a bunch of new eye looks this holiday season. The colors are shades of gold and shades of silver so I can go however dark or light I want, depending on the time of day. It also comes with a really nice highlighter that gives a nice golden hue to my face and a bronzer that isn't to dark for my olive skin tone but isn't to light either which is great. For some reason though they put a gloss in here with all the powder shadow, bronzer, and highlighter. It's actually in the bottom drawer between the bronzer and highlighter so I'm worried it will get ruined within few days of use. I actually wish they added a blush in that spot instead or something...makes more sense!!!