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Great Paint Pot Dupe

These new cream eye shadows from Maybelline are amazing. They are highly pigment, apply smoothly and last for +12 hours. I know they are advertised as 24 hours with our creasing or fading, and I'm sure they do for people who don't touch their eyes a lot but as someone who rubs their eyes a lot because my contacts can't sit still, they definitely hold up very very well. You can't find anything in the drugstore that will hold up as well as these do, you've got to try these!!


Ok Snow Fairy is my favorite part about the holidays! (even though you can purchase Godmother during the rest of the year, it's the same smell) It smells like cotton candy, vanilla, and bubblegum which just makes me think girly. It makes me feel like a little kid again when I smell it, also as an added bonus it has glitter in it, what is not to love about it! They have it in a shower gel bottle which I like more then the bar form. Also if you really like the scent they have bubble bars with it as well. If you are looking to try snow fairy and you like sweet sugary scents you are gonna love it!!!

Miracle Worker

This product is my go to under eye concealer. Whatever under eye stuff I might try and get rid of this is always in my collection, always a favorite and never disappoints. It reflects the light from the light pink color of the powder and makes your dark circles appear lighter and brighter even without any other concealer under it. and It lasts a really long time because you only need the smallest amount on a big fluffy brush and your good to go.

Really nice

I got this primer as a sample for buying my Badgal Lash and I've always wanted to try it, I do have large pores around my nose so I've been interested in it for a while, but I don't think I'm ever going to run out of the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer (don't get me wrong I love this primer, but it's taken so long to use it that, new primers have come out since I purchased it and maybe there are better ones out there now) so when I got this as a sample I was super excited to try it out. It is a beige color which is what helps cover up the pores, I really like this primer it applies really nice and evenly and it doesn't feel wet or sticky. When I finally use up my Smashbox Primer I think I will be buying the Porefessional.

Good but soft

These liner are very pigmented and they apply well but they are so so soft, too soft sometimes, they break and can make a mess when you trying to apply it. They also don't last all day. So they are great if you looking for smudged liner look but not the best for a sleek straight line.


This product is amazing for covering up any under eye problems that you might have. it's just the right shade to conceal and brighten, It works wonders. and it last a really long time. I will pair this with other concealers and place this on top for that finish touch that brighten my under eyes.

The worst

This is the worst bath bomb I have ever gotten from lush. I use lush bath bombs all the time and they usually last longer and have more color or smells coming off of them. There really wasn't any smell and there isn't really a flower the comes out of it; it is a gel-like smooshy thing and it's gross

They are ok

These liners are not the best, they are very dry and flaky, but they do stay put and they are waterproof. They are not easy to work with though because they don't really move once you place them so you have to get it right the first time, so they aren't great for beginners or people for aren't great at eyeliner.


These liner are great and they are so pigmented and creamy. They apply so smoothly and easily. The are great for the upper lash line, the lower lash line, the waterline, tight line, and my favorite as an eye shadow base. And they last forever!!

Best Blending Brush

This is the BEST brush, It really does the job, It is fantastic a blending out colors, it works better then the MAC 217 and that is saying something because not many brushes are better then MAC brushes.

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