Beauty Product Reviews

I love this product!!it makes my skin glow and it makes my dark circles dissapear you dont need alot and i love the coverage it gives!!i like it better than foundation it makes me look glowy naturally and im so glad i got it!!

I really loved this product I saw a tutorial and this girl used one of these products the look is pretty!I went to wal-mart and they didn't have it to I went to target and they only had a few left so I got one in 085 sugar plum and I made a video on it I really really love it!!!!I want to get more of them and I'm pretty sure I will(:

I love these gloss balms cause they are smooth and they don't taste too sweet and they aren't thick and they make your lips look flawless!!! this product will definatley complete ANY look

I kinda like this product I saw it on ANTM and I REALLY wanted to try it!it is kinda thick and too sweet for my liking but it looks nice on the lips!

I wanted to try this product for a VERY long time!it is better than I thought it would be!it doesn't feel sticky or icky on your lips and I love it!I wanna try them all haha!they are cheap but they act high end (:

I really like this product it is not over priced and it works just as good as the high priced ones!I think this is a good buy!yes you have to put some coats on it but that is normal!

I love these lipsticks they are my favorite!it is very bright and it looks awesome on your lips and they are versatile which I love overall this is a product good for beginners or pros!

This would be a great product if there was more of it and if it lasted longer!the color is very dark and it makes your lips look dry and it doesnt feel pleasant on the lips!now with the lipgloss on with it I think it's ok!

I love love love this!it stays on for along time and it is just divine(: I recommend this product to anyone with dry or cracked up lips it works awesomely

I really like this!but the price is expensive haha but this is a real good lip balm and you can feel it working on your lips!I recommend this to anyone and everyone it's a good buy

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