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Sarah R.
everyday gloss

this gloss has been a staple in my purse for several years. It's a great gloss to swipe on when you're going to work, to the beach, or just having a casual day....I also like to pair it over a lipstick if I want to give the lips a little more shine. It smells delicious too! I have seen some people mention that it's sticky, but I don't notice that at glides on smooth and give just enough hint of color

Mariah P.
cover girl strawberry lipe shine

When i bought this i got it because of the smell it seriously smells like strawberry's. After applying it the first time, i started to have a love hate relationship with it. i loved it because it acted as a lip balm while giving a shine. but i started to use it less because it was sticky.

Angelica  R.
Their Ok.

I think this product is OK. The gloss is very thick and sticky :( But, I love the smell, packaging, and colors. Besides the stickiness and thickness, it's an OK product :)

Emilie N.
Good Everyday color for me!

I got this just for a quick gloss when i needed it but it turned out being something i use just about everyday! It dosnt dry out your lips and stays on pretty much all day! The colors are really pretty and i will be sure to get more shades of it when i can!

Alli Rose G.

They have a wide variety of colors, which I like. Always have to have options. These lip glosses are very sticky. They are packed with color. I tried the strawberry and watermelon ones and they both gave my lips a pretty good kick of color, not just a sheer coat of gloss. I think the only issue I have with them is that they are so thick and sticky. You have to learn to put just the right amount on. They smell nice!

Nicole H.

I like this stuff but it's kind of thick and sticky. I like more of a chapstick feeling lip gloss and this stuff is too heavy for me. Some people may love it but I'm not really into it.

Lauren J.

I kinda like this product I saw it on ANTM and I REALLY wanted to try it!it is kinda thick and too sweet for my liking but it looks nice on the lips!

Francesca S.
They Taste Terrible.

These glosses were overly sticky for me and way too thick, also, they smelled and tasted like medicine. If you're going to get one, don't bother getting more than one if you're getting them for the color, they're all the same- not pigmented at all.

Jobelle C.

I had the watermelon splash back when I was in high school. I remember that I loved this gloss because it smelled soooo good. It was a sheer and light gloss, perfect for just wanting that nice shine.

Steph L.

I have three of these in my purse: Berry Splash, Strawberry Splash, and Raspberry Splash. I love the smell of them. I also love that they can be worn without lipstick or on their own. I love the Strawberry Splash out of all of them.