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My boyfriend purchased this for me once he saw me drooling over it and I have to say the handle of this brush is one of my favorite features! I've been eyeing some luxuary japenese brushes with wooden handles and was dying to buy them, but they aren't sold anywhere in the U.S.

Once I saw this I knew I had to have it in my collection!

The handle is long... think the size of a painters brush and not so much a traditional make up brush. This helps it stand out amongst my others as it towers over the powder brushes. The bristles being blue squirrel hair and Sokoho goat make for a soft, silky feel on the skin (as they always do). I hope Wayne continues to produce more brushes using this handle type. It makes them feel more limited edition than a standard handle. 2 or 3 more brushes with these handles for a set would be wonderful!

Top notch quality you won't find anywhere else

I'm no professional makeup artist, but after hearing Jacqueline sing about Viseart and hearing mister Kevin James Bennett say using a Viseart palette is like getting a Chikuhodo brush... I literally came straight to Beautylish and purchased a palette without a question in mind. These eyeshadows are absolutely beautiful, in every which way possible. Blendable? They literally blend by themselves. Pigmentation? I don't even think about using a primer with these. Long lasting? You could probably go to sleep and wake up with your eyeshadow looking fabulous. Combine these with use of Chikuhodo's brushes and it's like being on a cloud... so soft and silky.. I have a hard time looking at other eyeshadow palettes.. even if it's a shade that isn't in any of the viseart palettes I'll combine them together to replicate it. You can't go wrong with Viseart, the $ is worth every penny.

Loving love!

I was looking for a rosy shade of lipstick that not only complimented my natural lip color but helped keep my lips hydrated. The IT Cosmetics lipstick does all that. I love that you can layer it for coverage or just wear it sheer, I can wear it when my lips are dry and I have no time and it looks great. I wore it today to work and my lips were a bit dry, looking forward to getting another shade.


I purchased this brush after reading some rave reviews on using it as a highlighter brush and oh my! I even use this to apply/blend concealer under my eyes, this totally shoves the MAC 217 brush that I used to use for that handy task right off its spot. This brush blends any product like a dream, it's unreal. I also apply a concealer one shade lighter than my foundation on the highpoints of my face and this blends it out beautifully. It's a must have, I have not actually used it to blend out eyeshadow yet but I soon will and if it does a wonderful job I'll purchase a second one for my eyes. I truly did not expect it to be so versatile!

Favorite contour brush!

This brush is absolutely brilliant for contouring. Made from the softest type of hair, blue squirrel makes it pleasant for sensitive skin. The shape of this brush actually mimics my cheek bones well, so there's no guesswork. The outermost end I tap into my Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder, and apply it underneath my cheekbones blending in an upwards position. This is a must have, especially for anyone who uses powder to contour with. It's shape is absolutely adorable!

Fantastic brush cleaner!

I used this today for the first time and it got my brushes cleaned rather quick. It conditioned them rather well and I even tried it out with the Beauty blender. All I did was rub it against the soap gently and when I rinsed it out it was all coming out like no end, and actually did a better job than the BB Solid cleanser. This is definitely a staple for any make up lover or artist!

Favorite make up remover/balm!

I was on the edge when ordering this product due to the Ethyhexyl Palmitate present in the ingredient list, because of it's comedogencity rating. I haven't had any issues using this cleansing balm with break-outs (Since it comes off and isn't left on the skin). I have been using this as part of my first cleanse.... rub in circular motions gently on the skin and it removes everything - including my budge-proof inglot liner. I usually clean off with a fresh hot wash cloth and my skin is left bare for the next round of cleansing. This balm makes first cleanses/make up removing feel absolutely effortless. I don't use waterproof mascara's so I can't say how well it would work with one. This product is definitely staying in my skincare routine for awhile.

Great cleansing oil

I've been using Nude's cleansing oil as a part of my second cleanse in my skin care routine in conjunction with a facial massage technique I learned. This oil is perfect, it does not provide excess slip and allows me to use the correct grip for my daily/nightly massages. There is no strong odor/fragrance emitting from this product, nor does the formula contain Drying Solvent alcohols. I've been using this oil for about a month now with no issues on my sensitive skin. It was excellent for helping restore moisture back into my dehydrated skin while giving it a great cleanse.

Amazing brush!

I've always used a rather scratchy, rough, tangled brush by Estee Lauder as a powder brush ( It was a gift ) and was in the market for a good powder brush. As soon as I saw that Rae Morris was coming to Beautylish, my top priority was getting this brush and I'm glad I did! The first thing I noticed was how soft the bristles were, they reminded me of my silky soft Chikuhodo brushes ( which use gray squirrel hair while Rae Morris uses blue squirrel ). While I would have been happy with a Chikuhodo brush, I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the $178.00 for a powder brush so this brush was definitely a steal for me! When I finally got to use my new brush to apply my setting powder, I was so pleased at the results. It's almost impossible to apply powder incorrectly with this brush! My setting powder just mended beautifully into the skin without disturbing my foundation or my skin. It also didn't apply an excess amount of powder. I usually hate the step of setting my foundation but I think this brush will make it far more enjoyable for me. The luxurious feel of a brush like this also makes you want to powder everything and run it along your skin. Definitely worth the spoil!

Great lotion!

The Embroylisse Lait Creme Concentre works wonderful as a base for make up. It smooths over any dry patches without ease, and leaves the skin looking supple and soft. Cons? The second ingredient is mineral oil. If you have acne prone skin, I would save this for those special occasions or days where your skin is just dry and not cooperating. I cannot use this without suffering some form of a clogged pore after, which is unfortunate considering how nice this lotion is. Embroylisse should replace it with another moisturizing, non-comedogenic oil!

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