Nude Skincare

Cleansing Facial Oil

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Kitty K. Moderator
Great cleansing oil

I've been using Nude's cleansing oil as a part of my second cleanse in my skin care routine in conjunction with a facial massage technique I learned. This oil is perfect, it does not provide excess slip and allows me to use the correct grip for my daily/nightly massages. There is no strong odor/fragrance emitting from this product, nor does the formula contain Drying Solvent alcohols. I've been using this oil for about a month now with no issues on my sensitive skin. It was excellent for helping restore moisture back into my dehydrated skin while giving it a great cleanse.

Jill R.
Worth it.

Pricey but one bottle can last a year or two—you only need a tiny dab. It's an oil, and counterintuitively it's the only thing that makes my oily skin ... less oily.

Anneka F.

One of my top favourite cleansers/makeup removers BY FAR. This one is reasonably priced - it's a really soft oil. A lot of makeup removers irritate my eyes, but not this one. So I love using this at night to get all my makeup off quickly. It doesn't break me out either, thankfully - even though it's an oil. In fact it helps keep my skin clear because it cleans it SO well. I can't even believe how good it cleans my skin. It's also really moisturizing. Absolutely love this, cannot be without it.