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Wayne Goss

The Artist Brush


Lovely craftsmanship!
MARLENA S.'s Review Image

The Artist Brush is a really beautiful piece of art but it's not just a pretty face, it's really built to work! Although the handle is carved wood, it's virtually weightless. Like an Old World calligraphy tool, it's built to hold towards the end, far away from the weft allowing for gentler, lighter application which yields the best powder blending. The suuuper soft natural hair fibers and tapered design allow you to use this brush for pretty much any powder step in your makeup routine. I personally love using it for bronzing. It really deposits and sweeps the finest amount of product allowing you to build as much as you want without getting cakey or blotchy. I also love that product doesn't get soaked into the brush. Lastly, we know the brush is costly (duh) but this is a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted item. It's a collector's brush. You don't absolutely need it. In fact, you could get the same results with other brushes, particularly the WG #00. Those of us who purchased it are most likely fans of WG's tools in general plus enjoy high quality luxury items. I say BRAVO Wayne! This brush is beautiful and I'll treasure mine for years to come.

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Jessica C.
Gorgeous Brush not worth the price

I bought the brush because I have bought ever single brush Wayne has released. But this one I am returning. The brush doesn't justify the cost to me. Just my personal opinion.

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Shelly F.
Absolutly worth the cost

This is a work of art & worth the cost. With 1 Chikuhodo brush @ $178.00 & they all look the same. This is one of a kind!! With that said it is not just beautifully made it is multi functional & so easy to use like it was made just for my hand. I have all of Wayne's brushes except last years Holiday brush & I swore I would get this years & it was well worth the wait. I was told once it is better to save up & get quality than wasting my money on many cheaper brushes. This will last me forever thank you Wayne & Beauthylish for shipping world wide.

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Nikky L.
Some cons, but more pros IMO

So I kicked myself last year for not getting this brush, but when it came out again this year, I jumped on that ship and sailed away.

Cons: - The box it came in felt... cheap. Well-Constructed and well-crafted, but the wood itself felt too light and spongy. I wanted something heftier for the price point. Maybe some calligraphy on the brush. - The brush itself was very light. I wanted some weight to it since it's a huge brush.

Pros: - Beautiful application of powder. Even though it was a collector's piece, I did use it for setting powder and it was perfect. - Beautiful craftsmanship: the handle is wonderfully carved with all its nooks and crannies, and the carving of WG's name was really nice. Awesome collector's item.

At first, the mixture of gray squirrel and goat didn't feel as soft as blue hair or goat, but when it was on my face, it was just as soft as the softest WG brushes out there. Not scratchy at all.

It's already sold out again as I'm writing this, but if it's available next year, definitely get this brush!

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Sonia C.
Sonia C.'s Review Image

I have every single Wayne Goss brush, I love this one it's one of the softest brushes I own, the price seems fair for the quality it's definitely not a necessity since you can buy the 00 for half the price and similar shape but of you are a brush lover you need this

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Ivonne G.
Beautiful and Multi-task Brush
Ivonne G.'s Review Image

I love the Artist Brush. It's a true beauty and skillful work of art. I use it to apply bronzer, blush, and translucent powder. It's so soft to use under my eyes and to use with my Lancôme Absolue Radiant Smoothing Powder for Wayne Goss's blending technique. I simply enjoy using it every morning. The only reason I knocked off a star is that it's been shedding like crazy. It sheds a hair or two or three almost every time I use it. Today, it shed three hairs during my makeup application. The picture shows two in my sink, and I also found one on my face. I've had other brushes that stop shedding after I wash them, so I did and it shed another two hairs. I'm hoping it will stop. I really do love this brush, I'm just afraid it will be "hairless" soon at this rate!

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Kitty K. Moderator
Kitty K.'s Review Image

My boyfriend purchased this for me once he saw me drooling over it and I have to say the handle of this brush is one of my favorite features! I've been eyeing some luxuary japenese brushes with wooden handles and was dying to buy them, but they aren't sold anywhere in the U.S.

Once I saw this I knew I had to have it in my collection!

The handle is long... think the size of a painters brush and not so much a traditional make up brush. This helps it stand out amongst my others as it towers over the powder brushes. The bristles being blue squirrel hair and Sokoho goat make for a soft, silky feel on the skin (as they always do). I hope Wayne continues to produce more brushes using this handle type. It makes them feel more limited edition than a standard handle. 2 or 3 more brushes with these handles for a set would be wonderful!

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Catherine B.
Exquisite Design

The Artist Brush I keep close at hand because it is an exquisite work horse tool. It is soft, silky, and picks up the perfect amount of powder. The extra long handle I thought might be a problem, but quite the opposite. The curved handle shape and longer length make it even easier to use in various curves of the face. the grey squirrel and Sokoho goat hair bristles are perfect partners to top off the sensual tactile experience. Thank you Wayne for another exceptional tool; this one is truly a piece of art, designed by an artist.

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Vanessa Marie E.
Simply beautiful

This brush is beautiful and softer than almost any other brush I own - it can definitely compare to my most expensive Chikuhodo brushes. I use it to powder my face and as a finishing brush. It is especially good to powder under the eyes since that is a more sensitive area.

Because it is made out of gray squirrel and sokoho goat hair, it is incredibly soft to the touch, and because of that it doesn´t pick up too much product, so I don´t think it would be very efficient with for example bronzer or a blush that is not very pigmented. However, it would work beautifully with a very pigmented blush (to sheer it out) or if you just want a wash of color.

Now on to the big question: is it worth the price? And in that case, who is it suitable for? This brush is definitely worth the price if you are a makeup addict or just a brush lover.

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Monique R.
Collector’s Item

I missed out on this brush the first time it was released so when I got an email from Beautylish that it was back, I wasted no time ordering it. It’s a beautiful brush but I think it is more of a collector’s item than a regular brush for everday use. The blend of goat and squirrel hair is perfect. The squirrel hair offers softness and the goat hair offers resistance and strength. It’s a multi functional brush that you can use for setting your foundation with powder, applying bronzer and finishing powder. As I’ve said, this brush is more of a collector’s item and for a fude collector like me I’m so happy to add this to my collection. However, I wish Wayne Goss would come out with a version of this brush with a regular handle for everyday use.

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