London Brush Company

Pure Goat Milk Solid Brush Shampoo


Orly S.
Cleans brushes very nicely

Cleans well, washes out quickly. Doesn't smell much like anything. Conditions the brushes. Dries to a nice fluffy finish.

Samuel W.
Love it!

Who knew Goat Milk was made out of MAGIC!? I've used several different brush cleansers and this is one of the winners. If you are used to regular bar soap or castile soap, this is a similar formula. The main difference is that this shampoo is much more gentle than those alternatives, meaning your brushes live a little longer! The lather is also much more fine than regular bar soap which means less buildup trapped in the ferrule, which means a happier brush!

kathryn d.

i recently purchased the naturally clean scent of London Brush Company's pure goat milk solid brush shampoo, and i am more than pleased with this product.

i am not a professional makeup artist by any means - but i do love makeup (particularly eye makeup, blushes an lipsticks). the coulours i lean towards are very bold, usually bright, and highly pigmented. my preferences make deep cleaning my makeup brushes a bit more challenging. i have tried many brush cleansing products that were what i would consider fairly effective, but THIS product is so much more than that.

LBC's solid brush shampoo: a.) is highly effective in cleansing & deep cleansing makeup brushes b.) is gentle, non-stripping and prolongs the life of your natural bristle brushes c.) is easy to use and doesn't take up valuable vanity/counter space with an over-sized packaging container, and is great for traveling with

do yourself a favour - RESPECT YOUR BRUSHES and buy/use this product!

Samuel W.
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Brushes

Not sure how much easier it gets; dampen or wet brush, swirl in product, swirl on the back of your hand and watch days, weeks (please don't wait more than a week to clean your brushes!!!!) worth of product disappear! Smells mild and clean, product comes out of brushes easily; no fuss! This, for me is a huge step up from using Dial antibacterial hand soap -- If you want to buy better brushes, you have to invest in more gently and effective means of cleansing! Give it a try!

Kathleen M.
Works great!

Love the fact it's goat milk. Has a very light and pleasant scent. Rinses out completely. I rotate my brushes so use it every day. Would like to see a larger size.

Kitty K.
Fantastic brush cleaner!

I used this today for the first time and it got my brushes cleaned rather quick. It conditioned them rather well and I even tried it out with the Beauty blender. All I did was rub it against the soap gently and when I rinsed it out it was all coming out like no end, and actually did a better job than the BB Solid cleanser. This is definitely a staple for any make up lover or artist!

Fajer F.
The best

My fav brush cleaner! London brush company's shampoo Gets the dirtiest brushes squeaky clean and sanitized! Believe me this stuff is incredible!!! it restores my old brushes and conditions very well leaving them fresh and shiny. A must have

Michelle A.
Works beautifully!!!

This gets my brushes so clean and it seems like they dry faster as well. I've been using this for about a month and a half, I love it. I hope Beautylish get the bigger containers as well.