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Pure Goat Milk Solid Brush Shampoo


Jacqueline H.
If You Love Your Brushes..Show it, and Buy The London Brush Company Solid Brush Shampoo!

There are loads of decent solid brush cleansers on the market.... Hakuhodo's, The Master's Brush Cleanser and Preserver, Savon De Marseille Olive Oil Soap, Koren Zander's Pro Ultra, etc. etc. etc. All great solid cleansers; however, I've been using The LBC Solid Soap for quite some time, and this is the solid cleanser that I use the most. What do I love about their particular brush soap? I use it to deep clean my most dense buffing brushes. The dry time on a denser brush is longer than the dry time on a less dense brush, and I can deep clean my super dense brushes with this soap and they will be completely dry within 3 to 4 hours; that is just flat out amazing to me. That being said, when you get a fairly quick dry down, it would lead one to think that quick drying time is the result of using a ton of chemicals.... Not so in this case. The London Brush Company Brush Shampoo is made simply with pure goat milk, essential oils and organic cleansers that will leave your brushes super soft and supple. I've used this soap to restore some of my oldest makeup brushes, and I must say....this soap can transform the most time warped, misshapen coarse bristle back into shape with great ease. There's a fine line line between conditioning and over conditioning a brush, and unfortunately, some solid soaps I've used make the bristle too soft, and that effects how the brush picks up product. The LBC Solid Brush Shampoo keeps the bristle conditioned perfectly: No oily residue; no change in the integrity of the bristle at all. My makeup brushes are my livelihood, and The LBC Solid Brush Shampoo keeps all of my brushes in tip top shape. Like the creator Sian Richards says, "Invest in quality, invest in your artistry and invest in your passion." Amen sister!

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Trisha W.
Chemical Free Brush cleanser!!!!

I have tried so many brush shampoos, and brush cleaning methods over the years and this is my tried and true, ride or die brush shampoo. It gives brushes a gentle and deep clean and is safe for natural or synthetic brushes. Makeup brushes are a major investment and it's important to take care of them. The London Brush shampoo gives us an affordable healthy option for cleansing brushes. I am amazed at how long the soap lasts as well. A few weeks ago I cleaned 200 brushes and still had product left in the soap cake. That's pretty impressive. And what is even better I can always rest assured that my brushes won't have any toxic chemical residue on them after being washed! I have used every formula and the English Lavender is my favorite for the scent, but all the scented ones are lovely.

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Orly S.
Cleans brushes very nicely

Cleans well, washes out quickly. Doesn't smell much like anything. Conditions the brushes. Dries to a nice fluffy finish.

Samuel W.
Love it!

Who knew Goat Milk was made out of MAGIC!? I've used several different brush cleansers and this is one of the winners. If you are used to regular bar soap or castile soap, this is a similar formula. The main difference is that this shampoo is much more gentle than those alternatives, meaning your brushes live a little longer! The lather is also much more fine than regular bar soap which means less buildup trapped in the ferrule, which means a happier brush!

kathryn d.

i recently purchased the naturally clean scent of London Brush Company's pure goat milk solid brush shampoo, and i am more than pleased with this product.

i am not a professional makeup artist by any means - but i do love makeup (particularly eye makeup, blushes an lipsticks). the coulours i lean towards are very bold, usually bright, and highly pigmented. my preferences make deep cleaning my makeup brushes a bit more challenging. i have tried many brush cleansing products that were what i would consider fairly effective, but THIS product is so much more than that.

LBC's solid brush shampoo: a.) is highly effective in cleansing & deep cleansing makeup brushes b.) is gentle, non-stripping and prolongs the life of your natural bristle brushes c.) is easy to use and doesn't take up valuable vanity/counter space with an over-sized packaging container, and is great for traveling with

do yourself a favour - RESPECT YOUR BRUSHES and buy/use this product!

Rebecca C.

I absolutely love this!! It cleans my brushes perfectly & I don't have to worry about all those harsh chemicals ruining them or it getting on my face!! will def order again!

Samantha J.
This is by far the best solid brush cleanser

I LOVE THIS CLEANSER. It is my go to and the only thing I now use to clean my brushes - and my beauty blender too actually. I use this and the other scents of Goatmilk to clean my natural hair brushes and they come up all silky soft but not greasy. I have tried many other brush cleaners and soaps.. I tried two other solid soaps - Enkore, which just does not clean well at all; you get what you pay for I guess and I also tried Clean Brushes one.. That one cleaned them in the end - it took two or three goes, then when they dried, the brushes felt greasy, so I threw it away. I tried Parian but it leaves an oily residue on the hair of my brushes, so they need to be washed clean after cleaning! lolol Waste of time! So then I tried LBC Brush Shampoo. OMG I couldn't believe it. it cleaned REALLY quickly, got my goat hair clean to white again, I used hardly any of the soap because a little goes so far and also what I like is that it does not have a thick lather to rinse out either. I have not looked back. I love it so much, I bought the vegan version for my synthetics as I read that the Founder Sian Richards who is a makeup artist, created a different formula which was better for synthetics and vegan. I am SO glad Beautylish have this product!!

Samuel W.
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Brushes

Not sure how much easier it gets; dampen or wet brush, swirl in product, swirl on the back of your hand and watch days, weeks (please don't wait more than a week to clean your brushes!!!!) worth of product disappear! Smells mild and clean, product comes out of brushes easily; no fuss! This, for me is a huge step up from using Dial antibacterial hand soap -- If you want to buy better brushes, you have to invest in more gently and effective means of cleansing! Give it a try!

Sammi W. Team
must buy

As part of my makeup brush investments, I bought the benjabelle brush tree and this solid brush shampoo. I adore the lemon zest scent, and this hockey puck sized soap could not be easier to use. It's solid, so no worries about travelling with it (a la the beauty blender sometimes), and all you have to do is swirl your brush around, wash it out, and enjoy clean brushes. Ta Da!! Worth it, absolutely!

Trina M.
I have found THE best cleanser

My brushes are well loved and I take great care of them. I, like, many others, spend quite a bit of money on them and we want only the best for them (they kinda sound like children lol!) I have never truly been happy with any cleanser I've used. They were oily, chemical laden, messy and no matter what cleaning agents I used, they smelled like rotten garbage-animal hair and synthetic alike. I figured I would try LBC and see what it was like. So glad I did. It's so easy to use-swirl scrub and rinse. I washed my brushes last night and left overnight to dry. This morning I performed the sniff test and all I smelled was the true lovely scent of English lavender! My brushes were soft and deep cleaned. I am proud to say that I finally found a perfect cleanser. I trusted LBC with my cherished Wayne Goss brushes and my fu-pa brushes and a Haku brush-they are my pricey brushes and proud to say they withstood the cleansing process very well. I just saw now there is a coconut milk and lemon zest scent LBC, now I'm in heaven!!!