Beauty Product Reviews

its ok to start, but its nothing compared to the 120 palette. The little pans are tiny, and the packaging is so cheap that a few of my pans fell out, the mirror broke, and the cover completely broke off in the first two weeks of having it. I loved it to death....until I got the 120 palette

I got this on ebay for 6 bucks, and it is definitely one of the best things you can buy as far as skin makeup goes. It is AMAZING, and I use it every day. use it to contour cheekbones, and then under my chin for definition, and the white really gives that dimension to your face, and you can actually notice the difference. must buy!

The 120 palette is waaaaaay better in my opinion, but this has some good colors, and some that just wont work. first off, the packaging is sooo cheap, my mirror broke like the day after I got it, then the whole top of the palette came off, and I lost a shadow.

best mascara I know, hands down. It just does everything! It makes your lashes longer, thickens them, and fans them out like crazy. Here since the thing is so small its really easy to control it and get it to places you normally wouldnt be able to reach

I looooooove it! I got it on ebay for 12 bucks, and I wrote a whole review and put all of the swatches on my blog, I use it every day