Beauty Product Reviews

Great product! Terrible packaging

This is amazing! I have it in black and it goes on pigmented, smooth and it lasts all day! It's all that I could ever want in a cream eyeliner. However the lid doesn't close completely so mine ended up drying out within 5 months.

Great palette to have!

This is a great palette to have in your collection whenever you want to do some more funky looks. I use this palette ALL the time even though some of the shades isn't high quality. I wouldn't recommend these if your looking for some nice unique eyeshadows to use everyday but this is definatly great because it contains all the complimentary colors you might need to create a look.

Most of the shades are highly pigmented and they don't have a massive amount of fall out. I believe that the shades is a hit or miss. Some of them are terrible quality and some of them are amazing!

The bronzed color is great for contouring!

To be honest i don't like this as much as I thought I would. The bronzer is amazing for contouring on my pale skin but if you have medium to dark skin I don't think the bronzed shade will be dark enough for contouring. However you might enjoy using it as an all over bronzer. The blushed side is not at all pigmented enough for my taste. If I apply loads of it it looks great but the moment I touch it with my brush to blend out edges or something like that, the color fades immediately.

Perfect for deep cleaning your brushes!

Best brush cleanser for deep cleaning. Period. It desolves all the makeup without being harsh and irritating. It has a nice scent without being overpowering. This works great for both synthetic and natural hair brushes :D

A must for powder, cream or liquid foundation!

I use this daily to apply my liquid foundation! It gives me such a flawless look! It makes my terrible skin look really polished and perfect. It gives me maximum coverage but it still makes my skin look natural. I can't live without this brush!