Beauty Product Reviews

I bought this at Target, because I thought it will be better than buying a blush and bronzer separately. And the bronzer is good for contouring, but the Blush maybe too light for me, I used it with the ELF blush brush and I didn't pick up as much product I wanted for my cheeks, I had to apply the blush a few times...

Siren Lips!

I just recently bought Siren, I was looking for it for months!! it was sold out everywhere and I finally found it and as soon as I bought it I put it on and it came on so creamy and soft! I thought if I applied it a little rough it will break! ha! but it didn't. I applied it once and the color stood on all day even after I ate! I didn't have to apply gloss on top! I'm falling in love with Revlon products!

TRESemme works great for your hair right before you use the flat iron, I spray this on my hair whether its wet or dry, It's very affordable and it leaves your hair soft and smelling good. Girls with colored hair should always use heat protectant. This will be my go to heat protectant.

Best Miracle for your hair!

What I love about Aussie products are the directions: Massage into hair think deep thoughts about your day and rinse! It smells so good and it leaves your hair untangled soft and clean! It adds a extra boost of perfectness, I can't wash my hair without using this little friend! I recommend this to anyone with all hair types. And the price isn't bad !

Best lip palette I ever used.

I'm becoming a lipstick fanatic and the 66 Lip Palette from coastal scents gives me every shade I need without searching for lipsticks in my drawer. The pink, oranges, reds, and even nude shades works with every skin tone and are very pigmented. I bought the palette not thinking I would use it everyday, But I find myself using it and picking a new shade everyday!! The only con is you can't share the name of the shade when someone ask and the product is a small portion so your favorite will run out quickly..