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My favorite mascara of all time is the L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen one but it dires up quickly so when I ran out I decided to try this mascara out (in the non waterproof formula). I normally hate covergirl but so many people rave about this one that I had to try it for myself. I must admit this mascara impressed me. Pros:It separates, gives some volume, gives length, does not clump (even after many coats), and last all day without smudging. Cons: Even in the non waterproof formula it still can be a little hard to remove without losing a lash or two :( and the brush is so big that it takes patience when apllying this mascara. I would say its only good for medium to long lashes (so if you have short stubby lashes or if you are new to mascara this might not be good for you because it wil get all over your lids if you are not careful). Overall its good and better then other drugstore mascaras I have tried. As far as being better then my L'oreal one ummm I would have to say they are tied because the L'oreal one gives me more fullness and volume then this one but this one gives me a bit more length then the L'oreal one =]

Love this stuff

I have this one in Black and I absolutely love it. Its my favorite liquid liner: easy to use, stays on all day, does not smear off, good pigmentation, only 2 bucks. My con would have to be that it dries out faster then a regular liquid liner (because of the felt-tip pen form) and that its only sold at Walgreens and only at the ones that have a makeup counter :/ but other then that for 2 bucks its not bad at all!! *tip: if you shake it well before each use you get the best pigmentation and it will last longer*


I own three of these Cafe, Retro Red, and Sheer Red. My two favorite have to be the red ones. Retro Red is a vibrant true red that really pops while Sheer Red is a real glossy ligher wash of red but stil red none the less. The price is cheap (around $1), its smooth and creamy, it does not dry out my lips or leave a nasty feeling on my lips, and its just a basic lipstick that has to be reapplied after about 2hrs. The packaging on the other hand sucks because the lipstick does not go down all the way and it makes it easy to nip the top when trying to close it and it has a hint of smell to it (which some ppl may not like). I really enjoy these lipsticks and for the price you cant go wrong with trying one out!! I recommend them..

Great for the price!!

I bought this cream liner in "Black". I must say I only picked this up because I really wanted to try a cream liner and did not want to spend to much. This product was the cheapest I found for $3 . My expectations were low when I purchased it but it BLEW me away. Very pigmented, does not smudge, and lasts all day on me. I LOVE IT!!! I was a liquid liner gal and I must say ever since I been using this liner I prefer this cream liner to my liquid ones. As far as the brush, its actually not bad. This product if good for the price, I cant complain. I want to try the brown one next!!

Persistent Plum

So as I looked for a plum color lipstick for fall I came across this lipstick.... and only after seeing great reviews on youtube I decided to try it out. I must say that this lipstick is amazing. Unlike their regular line lipstick in the (old gold grandma looking tube which smells terrible) this lipstick has a nice sleek silver packaging and it has no smell (yay). It looks matte in the tube, has a bit of shine when applied on lips, and after it dries it goes back to almost matte which I find kind of cool. It has a claim to last 10hrs and I HAVE TO AGREE... IT IS VERY LONG WEARING. I dont have to reapply it all day. Its smooth, creamy, and does not dry/peel/ crack my lips like many other lipsticks do. As far as the other colors, I cant speak for them because I only own this beautiful plum one, but I can tell you this one rocks!!!! My only complain is the price :/ its kind of pricy for a drugstore lipstick... that is the only thing keeping me from trying other colors from this line ( since I have my eye on Tender Berry and Unending Kiss)

I love this palette =] mainly because the price is not bad and it has my four favorite colors (twiced baked, smog, half baked, gunmetal). As far as Minx and Urb - I am not a big fan of the thick chunky glitter so I actually hardly use those two. I enjoy the fact that this palette also comes with a mini "zero" 24/7 liner and a mini "sin" primer potion. Its small and easy to travel with and to top it off the packaging is so cute!!


I have this blush in Honeymoon which oddly enough I dont use as a blush but as a highlight. It looks like a pretty peachy pink but when swatched its actually a very light pealized pink (not shimmer but more like a pearl). If your looking for a blush color this is not for you. This whole line of blushes actually come off more as beautiful highlights. I love putting on my fav blush color on my cheeck then topping it off with this blush-highlighter and it gives my cheecks a wonderful glow (kind of like the Mac MSFs) and a little goes a long way. The price is not bad either =] if your looking for a cheap highlight that is not full of glitter/shimmer you should try this one!!

lip balm, lipstick, lip gloss (all-in-one)

I have bought this one in classy nude. I LOVE IT!! First of all, it smells like watermelon (which is great), its smooth, creamy, and it doesn't dry my lips out. On the other hand, it does not last long at all and the color is lovely but it is very sheer (wish it was more pigmented). Overall, I love it... its a nice everyday lip color that adds a little color to your lips without being over the top. I use it for work days and when I want a natural freash look!!


This bronzer is hands down the best everyday bronzer I own. I reach for it all the time and It is great for all seasons to get a beautiful sun kissed glow. Its is kind of a warm orangy/ light tan color, it has shimmer (but not as much as the baked blushes) which I like because the blushes have a little bit to much shimmer for my taste, it blends like a dream, its smooth and not chalky at all. It just gives a warm glow to the face and its beautiful, it will compliment any skin tone. I dont know how I ever did without it =]

BEST HD powder for the PRICE!!!

This powder is amazing and very affordable!! SILKY, SMOOTH, goes on like a dream, and adds a soft focus look to your face. I personally prefer a full coverage look so I do not use this alone as a setting powder- I set my foundation with my favorite pressed powder and then over my finished face I dust a small amount of this powder (with the ELF studio complexion brush- I dont use the puff it comes it) and OMG it really finishes off my makeup giving it a hint of an soft focus airbrush/ flawless look (PICTURE PERFECT)... I LOVE IT!!

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