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it smells amazing and isn't too oily like the Shea body butter i love it :D its a nice consistency and makes skin feel smooth and very soft and the smell lasts a whille so all round a great product!

i love this

i like the finish on this its not crazy Matt nor is it shiny, it gives me a dewy effect which i love:) my only complaint it i have oily skin so it rubs off of my nose and chin, but if you have normal or dry skin this would be perfect :)

loved it

personally i loved this as i have oily skin and it got rid of that it also helped me makeup stay on longer and it prevented me getting spots i would defiantly recommend but the only thing is it didn't give my face a Matt finish but other than that i would repurchase


it was close to getting a full 5 stars but one complaint is that it felt a little too oily to use on my whole body but its great for my legs it gives then a nice shine and its soothing too, the smell it okay and i like the consistency as its not runny in any way :)


this mascara disappointed me, the brush after only 2-3 weeks went flat, like the bristles stuck together :/ i though it was a one off but i bought it again and the same thing happened! wouldn't buy it again, sorry


good price and good quality, the mascara itself wasn't all it says it is but the brush it good for separating the lashes and its an all round good mascara and until i found my maxfactors one i swore by this, i would recommend it


i like this but im not IN love with this as it flakes off for me and smudges because i have watery eyes, it didn't hold my curl very well and dried out quickly even though im SUPER careful with mascaras. i wouldn't buy again, but i didn't hate it so hey-ho


i love this foundation, it is lightweight on your skin but gives great coverage. It's very build able and looks flawless BUT it tends to rub off around my nose but i cant complain i have very oily skin, other than that i love this !


it was rubbish to b honest and it didnt go on too well it was hard to even pick up on your finger or brush and it didnt look good

well personally i quite liked it plus it was free for me at the time so i cant complain BUT some of the colours didn't look too great on and the ones i like the most ran out so quickly:/ but i think its okay...

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