Beauty Product Reviews

Great quality

I love love love the NYX mega shine lipgloss in smokey look. It's a gorgeous color and it's very pigmented for an inexpensive lipgloss and it smells and tastes yummy :)

So perfect

This was the first palette I started off with and I'm so pleased I made the right choice by choosing the ammo palette. It has a wonderful range of beautiful colors and it's perfect for beginners :)

Best Palette EVER!

This palette is amazing and so versatile. It'll make a perfect gift for any girl this christmas because the colors will go with any skin tone, it's just wonderful. If you haven't tried it yet what the heck are you waiting for? lol

My favorite eyeshadows

I absolutely adore every single Urban Decay eyeshadow. They're all gorgeous and very pigmented. I would even go as far as saying I love them more than MAC. I used to not all the shimmer but then they came out with matte colors! but right now i'm loving shimmer haha. Especially oil slick, i love lining my eyes with this color because it's so shimmery and sparkly it's a nice little touch to your liner :)

By Candlelight

I used the MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in By Candlelight and it is by far the most amazing MSF ever! :) I love it so much it's the perfect highlight and sometimes on really simple days it acts as a highlight/blush. It's beautiful with it's pink and gold shimmer in it. I absolutely adore mine, I think I wear it everyday :)

My favorite primer

I love Urban Decay's Eyeshadow primer. It was the first primer I ever tried. I've tried some other eyeshadow primers but the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer is the only one I keep going back too. :)


I used this a few times and maybe it's just me but it always seems to pinch my eyelid SO HARD! and i know that sounds like maybe i just don't know how to use an eyelash curler haha, but no, i've used eyelash curlers forever but this one always seems to pinch me.. it hurts =(

The perfect multi-use brush

This brush is very affordable and It's my favorite brush to use for my MAC mineralized skinfinish natural. It picks up the right amount and the hairs are so soft. It's also so useful. I can use it for all over powder, blush, bronzer, highlight.... anything! It's the perfect face brush :)