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HARDLY just "Basic"!!!!

This palette hasn't left my daily routine since I bought it almost 2 months ago... it's hard for me not to use it all the time. It's incredible, and the price really is quite good for UD. I love how the shadows all feel so luxurious, like BUTTER on the skin. It's fabulous for travel too as you can do a neutral daytime eye, or smoke it up for night. My favorite product of the moment for sure!! Here's a tutorial using it that I just filmed:)

Perfect shade!

I am so happy I ended up deciding on the Peach Leopard bronzer by Too Faced. OK, it wasn't just the gorgeous packaging that got me (lol) but I can honestly say that for my skin tone, type, and the kind of coverage I was looking for this has turned out to be exactly what I needed. Not too sparkly, 3 soft bronzing colors that when combined, give me a really natural glow.

Stays PUT!

I recently got this gel liner after hearing so many good things about it!! I have needed to invest in something that will provide LOOONG lasting color. I can't stand when eyeliner fades after only a coupe of hrs wear. Especially on night's out. I really liked how this came with the eyeliner brush too. It's super soft, and so easy to apply:)


Truly feels like a Teddy Bear! I bought this brush about a month ago and have been obsessed ever since! It is the softest and most convenient brush I've ever owned. I'm not usually one to splurge on a more expensive brush, but now that I did I can definitely understand why! I've barely lost a single bristle, and I can tell this brush won't wear out for YEARS!! I highly recommend it, and I also have a post on my blog if you want to read more.

Love it!

I literally just washed my hair with Joico K-PAK and came to Beautylish to review this. I am shocked I'm the 1st!?! Basically this stuff is amazing. Smells so good, and worked very well to condition my color treated hair. My hair feels so soft, silky and smooth. I only bought a 1-0z travel size (just yesterday in fact) but I'm going back to buy a litre bottle now!!!


I truly believe hands down that it is the best volumizing, lash plumping mascara for the most dramatic look. I have never found a better one for this purpose...!! I always apply at least 2-3 layers.

I'm a lifer!

I have been using this on a weekly basis for over 10 YEARS and I really don't know if anything works better for me (during this time I've tried several others...) It makes my skin feel so cleansed and fresh and glowing. Love it so much and it's so cheap!!!

I love my white and use it often to play up my nails. I think I need to add some more colors to my collection. I just did a tutorial using it to make white snowflakes. Super cute!

Opt for Revlon Grow Luscious!

I recently blogged about this, (and kinda ranted on YT too lol!) because I used to be a Dior Show "only" kind of girl... that ended a few years ago when I realized I could get a great mascara for under $10. Anyway, so I recently bought Grow Luscious and I personally think it's identical!!

Minty Moisture!

Just bought peppermint and I love love love it! I really like that it's large and quick to apply. This one has no tint :( I also don't like the green & purple - it doesn't really scream "peppermint" to me. It would have been cuter red & white. Just sayin'!

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