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Enjoy these a lot!

I love this product. I use this to conceal my blemishes, my dark circles but I also use this palette to highlight & contour! It's very useful. (I am NC30)

I use the 1st row (up & down) as my correctors. The green is great for correcting & the purple is great for any odd splotches on my skin. The white shimmery highlight is very pretty.

2nd row: I use the yellow to help warm up any color on the palette depending on who I'm working on or depending on what my makeup looks like that day. The 2 concealer colors are too light for my skin tone, but I like using them over my eyelid to create a very blank canvas, or to use as a matte highlight under my brow bone.

3rd row: These are my ideal highlight shades. Depending on how dramatic I want my face highlight, I use one of these three (or sometimes I mix & match for more definition). The 2 on top are great to define my eyebrows & the bottom one is great for the cheek area face. Great for creating dimension on the face.

4th row: These are my skin color concealers (NC30) These three work for my pale days, my tanned days or in between. I use these a lot.

5th row: The lowest one is my contour color. It's fantastic!! When using your fingers, you find that you have a lot of control on how heavy you want your contour. It's very easy to use. I find that the middle one is too warm for bronzing, but the top one is great for a little light bronzing around the face.

It's very easy to find a lot of use for these if you're into doing full face & like giving yourself some variety. This is staying in my makeup collection for sure!

Love them.

I own a bazillion of these & love them all! They're a great gloss to layer over a lipstick. They also last quite a while on my lips.

They have a mixture of sheer & -very- pigmented glosses. They're great!! Though I don't like how oily these sometimes feel. Almost runny - but they preform well & that's what matters most. :)

For a sheer lipgloss, there isn't much more I'd ask for. Though I'm the type that LOVES a glittery lip, & this is very subtle & very wearable.

I have Hustler, which is described as a "sheer yellow gold with iridescent glitter" & that's exactly what it is. If I ever want to get in my purse & just apply a lipgloss alone, I feel like this will be my go-to gloss for that. It's sheer, so it doesn't look awkward when applied with no lipstick. The sheen on this is gorgeous. You can tell it's not a cheap-o gloss because the finish is very pretty.

It lasts a decent amount of time. It's nothing special when it comes to that. I might purchase another soon! I really do enjoy this. :)

What else could you ask for?

It sets my brows all day perfectly! It doesn't flake & it looks very natural.

The reason I also give this such a high rating is because it's only a dollar!! There's definitely no reason for me to buy ANY other one. Great Job ELF!

Oh, how I love these!

These are great. I have black & Punk Purple. I actually decided to buy punk purple to use as an eyeshadow base because I heard it could work just as well.

Ok, as an eyeliner - I LOVE them. The black is creamy, smooth & opaque. It lasts a good time on my eye too. I don't recommend using this on your waterline though, it smudges - but on the top lid, this is fantastic.

As as a base - the purple is great. It has a sheen to it as well which is a lot more noticeable when spread over the entire lid than when just used as an eyeliner. You have to work quickly though because it does dry a bit faster than your normal base. But they hold shadows well & make them appear brighter which is what I was hoping for. NO CREASING!!!

Perfect for travel!!

I travel from city to city almost every weekend & this is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for this! I can create so many looks w/ this - I LOVE neutrals, bronzes, blacks & purple so I practocally died when I saw this. I HAD to have it.

The shadows are great - Most of them are REALLY soft & pigmented. They blend well & most are not chalky at all. :D

The blushes are fantastic also. My fav is the top one, it's a pretty pink w/ gold specks of shimmer. So pretty<3 They're all very pigmented & you will definitely find one that goes well w/ your undertone/shade.

The lighter bronzer has a slight shimmery sheen to it while the contour is completely matte. The white is matte as well - all of these are SO SOFT & SOOO pigmented! I love them!

The lipsticks are ok. Some are very opaque will others feel more like lip gloesses. I don't use them much - not bc they're not good, but just because I'm not gonna take this everywhere for touch ups. The glitters are odd. Granted, they're pretty, but they're a little hard to work with & I haven't mastered it yet.

Overall, I LOVE this pallet. The shadows are fantastic & it has a good mixture of matte/satin/shimmer & full on glitter shadows. Very happy w. this product.

Great pallete!

This is surprisingly a great pallet esp after knowing the fact that CS purchased these from wholesale from China. The quality is decent - definitely not Top notch, but they're very usable. Some of them are light & fluffy with LOTS of pigment & some are a bit chalky, but for the most part they're VERY usable- it's a good staple. I love knowing that I have a bright green shade or a bright neon pink when I experiment with my makeup. It's VERY convenient! I don't reach for this as much as I used to when I first bought this, but whenever I do, I'm not disappointed..

PHOTO: ALL colors in this look were done w/ this pallet (including the blood) Any shine you see is just a clear lip gloss layered on top of the red.


These are average at it's best. They go on a little hard, not very creamy. Nicley Nude takes a few swipes to get it's full color while Natural Nymph goes on like a concealer. I wont buy more of these just because they're not my fav.

But hey, they're not drying at all! So that's a plus!


I have 4 of these & I LOVE THEM ALL! They're beautiful! These look gorgeous over black eyeliner or even over mascara for an extra pop. There's so much glitter in every swipe. It's not shimmer either, it's full on glitter in a colored jelly. They stay in tact too! AMAZING!

Best foundation brush ever!!

I LOVE this brush! It applies my foundation beautifully! It creates a flawless face every single time. Beautiful finish! During the summer, I apply my foundation with my fingers - so I usually skip on using this brush *tear* - BUT this brush applies blush AMAZINGLY. It's almost fool proof! It creates a beautifully blended cheek every time. LOVELOVELOVE

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