Beauty Product Reviews

Nice Lipstick

The matte versions seem a little drying, but I add a little gloss and its fine. I like the range of colors and I love Velvet Teddy & Snob. Every girl must have a MAC lipstick.

Would not buy

I just dont like it.. You have to keep cleaning in a dirty solution, strong scent which may not be good for sensitive skin. you have to use too much. I dont care for it. It does bring out the dirt fast which is nice. But I would not buy again,

I mean c'mon Beauty Staple

Most of us grew up with this, its a not only a beauty staple but a household staple, youc an use it for so many things., who doesnt love it? I have a mini one in my purse for my lips & hands. a little goes a long way.

Using it up.

I loved the color i got. I only use so much though because you can easily use too much & it will like you put grease on your lips, its so shiny! A little goes a long way. Its pricey but honestly It MAC & I loved the color so I would rebuy.

Its cool

I got a shade too light, but I was still able to blend it in, i threw it away though because I was tired of the too light shade. I liked it because it didnt make my T-zone more oily which is good. I may buy again at another time, but im not totally in love with it.


I really enjoy the Juelp varnishes, i love the program, a lil pricey but so worth it with the products. I love the quality of the varnish, 2 coats is good for me and they last untill i take off. I love the bottles becasue its so different than others. Cant wait till my next month.

Too Good to be bad!

I LOVE THIS! forget about other top coats! The trick is you have to apply thi on WET POLISH, i love the fact that once i apply my 2nd coat i can apply the top coat right away, i love that it dries supper fast thus cutting down on your whole nail polish time. I have used with elf polish, julep polish and rimmel london polish. Worked well with all brands, no chipping, peeling and all that bad hooplah some ppl say about this not working, they are not applying it right, or thier other nail polish!

Polish it up

Some ppl like these, some dont. I have several of the colors and i havent had any issue. The first coat with some colors is streaky but once you apply 2nd coat its fine. The polish last a good week, of course i type and wash dishes & what not. I would def buy again.


I enjoy this brush, great price. I use it just for my blush. It picks up well and goes on smooth. easy to wash and dries quickly. I haven t had any shedding .

So good He loved it!

For $1.00 you cant beat the price. I really love that its all natural, the oils stay on the nails even after washing hands. It really transforms the cuticles and nails. i used it on my guy and he loved it!

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