Beauty Product Reviews

Great gift !!!

I received this set as a gift and I love it! It comes with so many loved fragrances from Victorias Secret in travel sized perfume bottles. Instead of having to commit to one large bottle, you can try many different ones and find your true favorite. I think that it's a fabulous gift idea and this set is perfect. The size of the bottles are great too, not too small!

Favorite Scent for Winter

I love this scent for Winter! I received this perfume as a Christmas gift from my Fiance's parents. I also love the body wash and lotion. It's just a very simple, delicate, and feminine scent! I adore this scent very much and love the whole line.


Love this whenever I want to boost my brunette hair color (: It conditions well and makes my brunette hair shine more. This formula is great and inexpensive! I love how I can pick this up at the drugstore and still have a "high-end" feel to it.

Not my favorite...

I love to use heat-protectants in my hair whenever I'm going to use heat styling tools in my hair. I also like to try new things, so I picked up this heat protectant... But I've got to say, it's not my favorite. I feel like it leaves my hair dry rather than "conditioned." I don't know what it is about this formula, but it just doesn't work for me.

Hydrating & Natural!

I love this moisturizing lotion! It's super hydrating and feels so natural. I love how I feel like I'm putting on an organic lotion vs. one with harsh chemicals. The scent is not strong so it doesn't mix with my perfume. It's also pretty light rather than a heavy moisturizer.

Not drying...But not very effective.

I love this product because it is not drying like most acne spot treatments, but the thing is that I don't find it very effective. I don't notice really any reduction in the pimples that I have applied it to... I wish it worked, because it seems like it would be a nice product.. Maybe for someone else!

Go to Eye-Makeup Remover!!

I love this product for removing my eye makeup. It even cleans off my waterproof mascara with ease! Using a quarter size amount I apply it to my eyes (it's also super gentle so NO burning) and wipe away with warm water and then my eye makeup is gone! It is for sure my go to #1 choice for removing even the longest-lasting eye makeup!

Lifts the dirt out of my pores!

I love these little pore strips. They are easy and ... Fun to use! This product honestly lifts the 'dirt' out of my pores! I apply the strip to my nose, where I have a few blackheads, and then after I remove the strips you can see the blackheads on the strip. I think it's a really cool product and pretty effective for a drugstore deep cleansing pore strip!

Outstanding & Outlasting!

This primer is seriously the best I have ever used for my eyeshadow. I can't believe how only a few little dabs goes a long way. This primer potion allows your true eyeshadow colors to show while being long lasting. Your shadows won't crease at all and they appear very smooth. It's such an awesome primer for the price too. High quality, outstanding product !!

My #1 Mascara

Oh my gosh. This mascara has got to be one of the best out there!!! It creates insanely gorgeous lashes. It lengthens while leaving your lashes bold! Seriously my new favorite and I recommend it to anyone who wants the look of false lashes without ... Well the false lashes! Amazing product! My #1 mascara !

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