Classic Cold Cream


Meidy M.
Been using this forever and I love it!

I've been using this to remove my makeup ever since I started wearing make up. I love this stuff so much! I've never even bothered trying another brand since I love how this stuff works. It's very moisturizing. This stuff lasts FOREVER!!!

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Jordan C.

I used this to moisturize my face after my theatrical make-up class. It's a great heavy-duty moisturizer, especially in cold weather climates. However, I have really sensitive skin that can react even to certain scents in the air and the smell of this cream left me a little itchy.

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Kristina M.
Best makeup remover I've found.

This will get it all off and is really gentle on the eyes. Baby shampoo burns more than this stuff! I had bought a tub of this when I was younger and thought I didn't like it because I didn't know how to use it properly. Don't use water with this, it won't work. Even rinsing with water won't really work, you have to wipe it all off. Anyway, awesome stuff...I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Kayla L.
The only makeup remover that I use!

Ponds classic cold cream is the only makeup remover that I trust to do its job! I have very sensitive skin, and this has never been a product that has irritated my skin, or failed to impress me. Ponds has been used by half of the woman in my family since they were my age, and now I am just as hooked on it as they were and still are! My mom first introduced this to me, and I wouldn't use any other remover! I typically only use Ponds around my eyes to remove excess mascara that did not completely wash off while in the shower, and it always does an excellent job at removing it. I would definitely recommend Ponds to anyone who has sensitive skin, or for all who just need a makeup remover that actually works!!

Anna C.
Great Eye Makeup Remover for Sensitive Skin

I have super sensitive skin and most eye makeup removers and leave my eyes burning and irritated. This product gets ride of even my most intense eye makeup without drying out my skin or eyes. I use a dab on each eye then rub a cotton pad over it before I wash my face every night. i would highly recommend it!

Hasini J.
Ponds is great :)

This is great for removing my make-up whilst moisturising my skin at the same time! it was recommended by a magazine and i've used this for quite a few years now. I love the fragrant smell and it's very delicate on my skin, without stripping away the natural oils from my face. I don't even need to moisturise after using this!

Bianca I.
Go to Eye-Makeup Remover!!

I love this product for removing my eye makeup. It even cleans off my waterproof mascara with ease! Using a quarter size amount I apply it to my eyes (it's also super gentle so NO burning) and wipe away with warm water and then my eye makeup is gone! It is for sure my go to #1 choice for removing even the longest-lasting eye makeup!

Camille B.

it does all the work from moisturizing your face until removing the deepest darkest water proof eyeliner or mascara. I absolutely can't live without this. a must have. fantastic product!

Logan A.

I love this product SO much! To test out it's amazingness I put 4 layers of makeup on my face and with one swipe of Pond's it was gone. And can we talk about the smell? The classic, refreshing smell leaves me feeling clean. If I could only have one skincare product throughout my life- this would be it!

Heather C.
It's generational

What I mean is, my grandmothers on both sides used this for years and they both had the softest and smoothest skin. I always keep a jar at my makeup desk using it for my daily face cleaning routine. Only skipping the days I exfoliate.