Beauty Product Reviews


Love these trios! They are very pigmented and longlasting! You cant beat the price either! There only $2.99! I really reccomend these and everybody should own one or all of these!

In love...

This pallete is soo great! At first I was hesitant to buy it because of the price ($48) but after I got it home and seen all of the colors, i fell in love! I have been using it every single day:)

Love them!

I love these NYX jumbo eye pencils, they are so creamy and are a great base under any eyeshadow. They come in so many different colors and are really inexpensive!

I love This Lipgloss!

These have to be one of my favorite lipglosses, they are so creamy and they glide right on your lips. My favorite one is Sugar Pie, its a nice nude color.

Love It!

I love this primer. I only have the mini one, but it works great and keeps my eyeshadows vibrant throughout th whole day! I would definitly reccomend this to anyone:D

I love this!

I use this as a base for any shimmery eyeshadows! I love it so mcuh becuase it keeps my eyeshadow in place while adding a little extra shimmer to your eyeshadow!

I Love This Brush!

I use this brush to appy my powder foundation and stipple my liquid foundation on to my face! I works great and is super soft. I would definitly reccomend this brush to anyone!