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This brush is life.

For the longest time I have avoided foundation brushes. Normally all they do is make my skin look flaky and dry. I don't ever really like using powder brushes. But, I finally decided to give this brush a try... and hoooolymoly I'm so glad I did. It applied foundation, powder, bronze, blush, and my highlight beautifully. It so soft and gentle on my face; I had no problems with it roughing up any dry patches or flaky skin bits. It was literally one of those moments where something works so good for you that you kinda wanna cry. Love this product so much. I can not live without this brush.

Great foundation for dry skin.

I am always on the hunt for products that perform well on my very dry and flaky skin. I had avoided this product for a while, thinking that the "lumi" meant they just threw a bunch of glitter in there and thought that meant "glow" like what many drugstore brands do. But after reading/watching a multitude of reviews on this product, I decided to by this and I AM SO HAPPY I DID! It looks so soft and beautiful on the skin. I didn't have any troubles with it grabbing any patches or extra dry spots. The coverage is nice and gives you room to work with. One layer will give you a light coverage, but it is easily buildable. The only reason I didn't give it a full five stars is because even though I'd say it can be built up to medium coverage, it still doesn't quite cover all the redness in my skin. I'm lazy and hate most concealers. But, none-the-less, I absolutely love this product. Easily the best drugstore foundation for dry skin.

Where do I begin?

I have a very conflicting love/hate relationship with the palette. I finally bought this palette in October of 2014, and I was so excited. This was the one product I'd wanted all year and was waiting until the time was right and I was actually able to splurge on it. Looking at the palette it is insanely gorgeous and unique looking. UD always impresses me, and I own several of the single eyeshadows as well as their palettes. Buuut... After using the palette since October, I STILL can't decide if I love it or hate it. I hate the chunky glitter-fallout of some of these shadows. I've found that I need to use those wet to avoid that and to also get good color pay off out of them - which I shouldn't have to basically ruin those eyeshadows to get them to work properly, seeing at this palette is 50+ dollars. Strange, Limit, Nooner, and Mugshot are by far my favorite shades. Trick is also beautiful, but there's that REALLY annoying glitter problem. Blackheart isn't anything special - I own two or three other eyeshadows from Wet n Wild and MAC that are literally the same shade, and it's not a favorite of mine to begin with. I don't know if it's just my palette, but I have it never wants to close right, and the brush it came with broke the first time I used it. But, for some reason, with all that said, I can NOT stop using this palette. The colors I love I am addicted too. I love looking at the colors in the palette. Sooooo... I guess I am a bit disappointed. It's so pretty. ;_; It's just not all I hoped it would be.

Great coverage buuut...

I love the coverage of this! However, because of the thick and slightly oily texture, I have never been able to use this as a under-eye conceal. It creases almost instantly, and I still end up with creasing even after setting it. I have used it to cover redness on my cheeks and around my nose, and it's great for that. You just have to be careful about how much you use if you're covering larger areas, because it can look a bit cakey over or under certain foundations. Great for a drugstore concealer! The texture is great for using on the face if you're skin is really dry. But I would not recommend this as an under eye concealer.

.... Eh?

I've never found anything extraordinary about these. They smell nice, they look cute, but they work for me about as well as any other dollar-something price Chapstick brand chapstick. They wear off in an hour or so, and usually my lips feel just as dry or sometimes worse. Not worth the hype or the money in my opinion. They smell and taste better than Carmex, but Carmex has never let me down.

Great for very dry skin.

For the past year or so this has been the only foundation I've been able to use that does not look horrible on my skin. I have very dry, red skin, and my old go-to foundations (Revlon colorstay, Maybelline age rewind, Makeup -forever HD) just have not been working out for me, even with my pre-make up routine where I exfoliate, moisturize, and then apply a primer. The texture of this foundation is perfect for my skin. It's a bit thicker - more like a cream, like it says, but still thin enough to where it isn't a paste, more like the thickness of most primers. It's coverage is wonderful, and it doesn't cake up so you can go in and reapply to any spots you need to cover a bit better. I apply it with my fingers or with a damp sponge, and it looks like skin. It gives a natural-looking, satin finish, and wears nicely throughout the day. It normally does wear off a bit around my nose, but I'm fine with it. At least it's not making my skin look like it's cracking or flaking away. :P The smell is... not the greatest. But, for the price I can deal with it. Since I've used it so often, it doesn't bother me as bad. What I love most about this is I can set it with a powder, and even though my skin is very dry, it doesn't appear to be that way. MAC Mineralize skin finish goes beautifully over it. Definitely say this is best suited for those with normal, to dry, to very dry skin, since it is quite moisturizing, and just a bit thicker overall. The only other downside is that (at least where I love) they don't have the best selection for darker shades. The light shade range is great, but it seems they only run light to darker-medium shades.

Forever changing how I do my brows!

I've seen a lot of great and bad reviews of this product. I did a lot of research before I finally decided to give it a try, simply because so many people made it seem like your brows look too fake or drawn on with this product. I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Really, the key with this product is less is more. Take your time, use the most minimal amount of product at a time. I was so taken by the results of this product. My brows look soft and natural, and I have no problems with this product smudging or moving on me. Worth the money and the color selection is great. I would suggest a brow gel if you have any wacky brow hairs that don't like to go where they're suppose to. :P Overall, I really, really love this stuff.

Great for very dry, dehydrated skin.

I have easily irritated, insaaaanely dry skin. To the point where most days I don't put on make up because most foundations flake and crack on me so terribly. A friend of mine gave this to me on the off chance that I would like it better than she did (she has very oily skin). After the first few times of using this as a face moisturizer I was absolutely floored! I have tried so many moisturizers and nothing works for me as well as this does. I definitely would not suggest this if you have oily skin, because it does leave the skin feeling slightly tacky and dewy. I don't mind this because with my skin that is something that I need. It makes my skin look smooth and healthy. I seriously love this stuff so much.

The winter has been TERRIBLE on my skin. I usually have normal to dry skin, but not dry to the point where my skin is flaky. But for the past month, my cheeks have began to flake so badly that not even wearing a primer with my moisturizer helps. I felt like my moisturizer really wasn't cutting it, so I went out looking for a new one. I saw this and decided to give it a try. From the MOMENT I put this one, my skin improved 70%. When I applied it again in the morning, my skin felt so amazing and smooth! I applied a little more on my cheeks before I did my foundation, and used a buffing brush to really test how it was working, and there wasn't a flake in site. I am so happy with this product! And I love that fact that it really does feel nice and light. My skin doesn't feel or look greasy. It just feels like I have soft, healthy skin! :D

I own three shades of this: Fierce and Tangy, Tough as Taupe, and Pomegranate Punk. I have to say that I love these SO much! I bought these with the intention of using them as bases; fierce and tangy for my Orange e/s from MAC, Tough as Taupe for Satin Taupe from MAC, and Pomegranate Punk for various sort of rusty red eyeshadows I own. I was amazed at the longevity of the product, and how it did not crease or budge once. Fierce and Tangy did stain my lids a tad when I used it without a primer underneath, but I really don't care much about that. The only down side to these is I wish they had just a few more in a Matte Finish. The majority of these are VERY shimmery. I would love it if they came out with a flesh tone Matte, something like Painterly or Soft Ocher. I really hope that these are permanent!

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