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14 hours? Definitely not. But it does have a nice wear time, and the colors are pretty. The finish is nice, sort of a cross between a matte and a cream finish. I would suggest wearing some sort of balm or chapstick underneath these, because they are a bit drying.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I've never been able to get these shadows to work well for me. They swatch so pigmented and great, but as soon as I try to use them in a make up look, it just doesn't work. Some of the shadows seem so flaky and chalky, and others take so much effort to pack on and show up. There are individual colors in the palettes I like, but I've never bought a palette and loved every single color. =/

In general, I never use any of the shimmery shadows in these palettes. However, the Matte side I love. The black in these palette is one of the darkest, most blendable blacks I've ever used, and honestly makes these palettes worth it in itself. Love these!

I've bought a few of these, but i really only like them when used in certain ways. I find that used dry, these are pretty blah. But I LOVE using these wet, then going over them dry. But, all in all, I never really find myself reaching for these.

I've never been too impressed with these. I feel as though the pigmentation in most of these are... weird, They apply pretty true to color, but it seems like it fades SO quickly. I find myself having to reapply, and reapply color, and the outcome is never what I want. Some elf products are great, but these quads, meh, I can do without.

This is probably my favorite eyeliner. I love that it's waterproof, but you can still take it off when you're ready for it to come off. My only problem with this is how little product it seems you get. The actual brush part is SO long, and the part containing the actual product it soooo tiny. And I just hate spending so much money on an eyeliner that I can't use on a daily basis, because I feel like I'm wasting product if I mess up and have to start over. Overall, though, I love it.

Best red ever!

Their red is the longest lasting red I've ever used. I rarely ever had to touch up my hair, and when I finally did want to get rid of the color, I was only able to get it down to an orange color even with a 40 vol. bleach. So, this red is definitely a commitment color.

Great and cheap!

I own three of these, and they are really great. I believe they where 1.99 at my local walgreens. They are long wear and good pigmentation. The shade Fushia goes on almost like a lipstick, it's insane! The only problem I have with them is they're a little on the sticky side. Not nearly as sticky as MAC's lipglass but still sticky.

Simply great!

Long wearing, little to no feathering. They're just great! I do theatre and stage work, so the shade 911D is my go to choice because I never have to worry about reapplying it. :)

Great for a sticky base, sad color pay off. :(

I only own one of these in the shade Techno. It's a really pretty purple blue color. However, I've found that this shade lacks pigmentation. You really, really, REALLY have to build up the color, and layer it on thick. However, if you're just looking for a cheap, sticky base to make your eye shadows more vibrant, this is great. I used it today under Blue Bus from Urban Decay and it really made the eye shadow show up true to color. :)

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