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Beauty Product Reviews

Love the concealer... Hate the pump!

I've never really used concealer, but when I went into the MAC store and the MUA applied it under my eyes, I really saw a HUGE difference, my cheeks also tend to get very red, and even after I apply foundation, I still see some of the red come through so I use this to cover up any redness on my cheeks and I love it! I just hate the fact that I can't control the amount that comes out from just one pump. One pump gives you a lot and sometimes I don't use it all so it just goes to waste. Other than that, the product itself is great.

  • 1.5
Beautiful, Natural Skin Finish

This foundation is GORGEOUS! I got my make-up done at MAC and asked for something that would take away the shine from my forehead and the MUA suggested Matchmaster, I wore it from about 6 pm to about 3am and I was truly surprised at how my skin looked after dinner and dancing. I have and oily t-zone but it wasn't as oily as it usually gets. Great finish, glides on beautifully and I'm very happy with it!

Great product, with little creasing.

I like this product, but only use it for diamond dust. I like that there is absolutely NO fallout, but the glitter does tend to crease a bit but after about 5 hours of use. All in all, I recommend this product.

<3 <3 <3!

It lengthens my lashes, makes them fuller, and totally makes it look as if I have false lashes on! My new favorite mascara! I use it everyday, and worth the price.

Holy Clumps Batman!

This was awful on my's clumpy and messy and gooey and I will NEVER use it again. On the upside, when I use it on others with naturally thick lashes, it looks AMAZING! Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people.


I am obsessed with Sam and Nic on and their channel on youtube and was thrilled to know that Sam came out with her own line of brushes.I use all brushes except for one which is the eyeliner brush. I feel the brush is too thick and will give me too thick of a line. Other than that the brushes are purple, which I love, and very soft and the price is great! I hope it works just as well for the rest of the consumers.

Brush stainer!

I really love this palette! The colors are great and very pigmented and the price was phenomenal! I just really don't like how the color stains my brushes. Even after I clean them the color is still there. So my brushes look dirty and I HATE THAT. Other than that I love it.

Fushia, Orange and Deep Red

I got these pencils yesterday and tried both the deep red and orange. They apply very smoothly and are absolutely true to their color. I really love them so far!

Milk, Purple and Bronzer

I got my NYX pencils yesterday and immediately started playing! I used the purple as a base over my UDPP. I had my make up on for a few hours and I was happy with the way the makeup lasted. I also have these in milk and bronze


I really LOVE this liner... I bought it in a turqouise color and paired it with a really cute fuschia colored lipstick. It lasted all night and I didn't even have to touch it up. Will definitely buy again in another color :0)

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