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Nov 14, 2014

Jennifer P.

following :)

Oct 02, 2014

Tamara W.

Your makeup looks are gorgeous.

Jul 08, 2013

Allthingsglam M.

Hi esthelle, you are very beautiful thats why I choose you to be in my youtube contest challenge just perform 1000 views on jaharavirgo channel and you.can win a mac make up set! Only 10 girls are in it and your number 4!! Hope to hear from you soon.

Jul 08, 2013

Esthelle a. N.

Wow thank you so much! I really appreciate you choosing me for the contest. can you please give me more details about it? I'm new at all this and a little
Thanx again!!

Jul 04, 2013

Nikki B.

Hello , your make up is beaaaautiful! Do you have any suggestions for women of color? Specifically darkskinned? I know your not in that category really lol , but I really have been trying to find new things to help seeing that my face is WAY darker than my body, so I always find myself buying shades to lighter to match. Alot of them either have a ghostly effect or one that I bought from sephora from the makeup forever line actually made me look red! Lol I just need some help >.<

Jul 08, 2013

Esthelle a. N.

I know it can be hard and frustrating at time to find the perfect match for your skin tone. These are the steps I used and give to others. Also if possible try other brands maybe, MAC, Black opal are the ones that really work for me.
1.When going to the store ask the sale person to apply the foundation on your jawline and then check it in daylight I do not trust the stores’ lighting. The shade should closely match your neck as well as your face and the one that fades into your skin without much blending is the winner.
2.Turn your arm over and look at the veins:
Green veins indicate yellow (WARM skin tone)
Blue veins indicate blue undertones (COOL skin tone)
Equal number of green and blue veins (NEUTRAL skin tone)
3.Also another is to observe the effect that gold and silver jewelry look on your skin:
If you look better in silver jewelry you have a cool skin tone
If you look better in gold then you have a warm skin tone
If you look better in both you have a Neutral skin tone
Hope I answered your question and do not hesitate if you have more questions. Sorry for the late response.

Jun 27, 2013

Quasha L.

Hi your make-up look great. I look up to you, and hope that I get to your point.

Jun 27, 2013

Esthelle a. N.

Wow I really appreciate it and I'm touched! Thank you so much!! Don't hesitate if you have any questions.

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Esthelle a. N.

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