BH Cosmetics

120 Color Palette 4th Edition


AlexisClaire E.
Love this!

I have been blown away, I didn't think these palettes would be as pigmented as everyone says but damn I was proved wrong! This palette is just around 15.00 and is fabulous! The colors are all so pigmented and beautiful I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good palette

Victoria V.
Super colorful and Glittery :)

I love this pallet it is one of the first legit professional eye-shadow pallets I've ever bought. I bought this pallet when it was on sale. I had been eyeing it for a while and then just decided to purchase it. It has a variety of colors which is freakin cool and overwhelming, it makes it harder for me to decide what colors to use lol. Anyways I haven't used all the colors but I hope to eventually.

Betty M K.
This palette is great

Great to use as a personnal kit or as a makeup artist. The colors are vibrant and very pigmented. I also got the 88 neutral palette & I use both to do makeup on clients!!

Kaylee C.
First time and love it already!

I just got mine in the ups today, and it has WONDERFUL quality and pigmentation. It has a wide variety of colors obviously and they are all very gorgeous colors at that. When I ordered this I was afraid it was going to be a glitter like shimmer eye shadow, but when I got it and use it, it's not really glittery it has more of a sheen to it which is beautiful. I really like this product and I recommend it to you. <3

Jacquelyn J.
My first 120 Palette!

I ordered this palette when BH Cosmetic's Facebook Fan Page reached 500K likes and offered 50% off of the selected palettes and I had to have it since I have been wanting to get a palette from them for awhile. All of the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous! It is so pretty that one day I will do a look using some of the colors in that palette.

Amanda J.

i love this palette! it has the color and shimmer you can ask for!!! the colors pop, and they are really easy to work with! you have just about every color you could ask for! i definitely recommend this palette!