Beauty Product Reviews

Wonderful blush!

Highly pigmented and build-able color. I would say this is one of my favorite blushes. I feel this color would look great on fair and dark skin tones. Great product!

My all time fav!

This is by far my favorite mascara. I always buy it again and again. It makes my lashes long and separate. Drys quickly so you have to make sure you apply it the way you like. Drying between coats makes it very clumpy. Only thing I don't like about it, is the smell. I can smell it when it's on my lashes and I don't enjoy that. However I love the formula so much I don't care.

Good, not unqiue.

Not thick or sticky. I do love how it smells. However it is your basic, everyday, have to reapply often lip gloss. I did enjoyed the product but most likely wouldn't buy it again.

Not for me.

The formula is thick and clumpy. However it does give length and volume, don't get me wrong. However if you're a person like me who doesn't have a whole lot of lashes to begin with I feel this mascara just give you half a dozen cartoony lashes. Just not my taste.


I really enjoy this liner. The brush it comes with is not that bad either. However a flat liner brush does make it much easier to apply. I've had mine almost a year and it hasn't dried out yet. As long as you close it tight and don't leave it opened idly I think it will be fine.

I love it but...

I love it and I love the color. It goes well with even my pale face. However I feel like it drys once it gets on my lips. Even if I had balm on before I put this product on. So I usually have to put on a balm and then put on this. Either way I don't mind because I love the color.

Beautiful Pigmentation

I just got this palette and the colors are great. Excellent selection for Spring. The eyeliner is also great and goes on smoothly. The picture I feel doesn't show how rich the colors are.

Great for people with normal or dry lids.

This primer is great. My shadows lasted all day and they blend very easily. I don't feel the texture will be very good for people with oily lids. I got my original with my Naked Palette.