Mineral Power Naturally Luminous Blush

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Meera I.

This blush applies to a pretty finish and is long-lasting, both on the skin and in the pot. A little bit goes a very long way - because it's finely milled and highly-pigmented, I only have to tap a little bit in the lid for one application.

BONUS: This shade is right on the current coral trend - build it up for a bold cheek or apply subtly as the perfect complement to this season's bright lip colors :)

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Rebecca M.
Love this blush

I got this blush in a dollar store and omg!! Love love love this. It's the perfect shade of pink and is highly pigmented. If you see these around def get them!

Rebecca M.
Super pigmented

I actually bought this in a dollar store and boy did I fall inlove!!! One of the best blushes I've ever tried. Super pigmented and lasts all day. I love this color on my complexion. For a dollar I'm more than satisfied, I just wish I bought more actually!

Savanna S.

I brought this because it was on sale and thought "why not". I've always used Clinique blush and adore it so much, I was hesitant to try this one out. I can't say I was surprised by the quality of this product as I have other Maybelline cosmetics that I love, but I didn't expect it to be this good. It is very highly pigmented, I love dark rosey cheeks and usually it takes a few layers of my Clinique blush to build it to the colour I desire, but with this it is instantly bright. I love how smooth the powder is and how silky it feels on my skin. This blush is definitely a new fave.

Christina B.
Wonderful blush!

Highly pigmented and build-able color. I would say this is one of my favorite blushes. I feel this color would look great on fair and dark skin tones. Great product!

Nevaeh L.
It woks very well with a natural to dramatic range.

I love this blush when Im using the peach one I never have to worry about looking to blushy. If I want a more dramatic look I have that option as well. I have three colors and I was blessed enough to find these on clearance for $1.00 each(which is why I bought them) and I will keep buying them. I hate how some blushes can be so touchy and look very thick on when using so little.A MUST BUY!

Vania K.

This is a really nice and long lasting blush!! but then again with my kind of a skin tone (fair-medium) must be light handed with the amount of blusher that gets on the brush...i must say the colour pay off is really pigmented!

Qian W.
Natural & Perfect

These blushes, I have 3 of them, apply so beautifully. You can add as much color as you want, the colors are amazing...They make you look natural and alive. :) Which is just what I need in the morning ;)

Mary C.
Really nice and natural

This blush is very nice and blends so well. The pigment is exactly how I like it. You can tone it down or turn it up depending on your preference.

Marie M.
Not pigmented enough and ashy

I don't know what Maybelline was thinking, but this product was a total fail so thank G-d I got it on sale. The good thing was that the powder was smooth and creamy, and it was easily spread. The bad was that there was not enough pigment in the blush to make it show n my skin. The ugly thing was that it was made with titanium dioxide which made my cheeks look ashy and unnatural. I ended up giving the blush away to my fairer skinned neighbor.