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Hi Aarica! I want to to introduce myself as community manager and wish you a very Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a fantastic day. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. xoxo

Jul 11, 2011

Marlene O.

Thanks for the interest in my videos Aarica, I really appreciate it! =)

Congrats for joining Beautylish and starting your blog. Thanks for the follow - right back at ya.  ~Indie

Jun 30, 2011

Victoria S.

Hi Aarica! Welcome to Beautylish :)

YAY! You're on Beautylish!!! :D I think you'll really love it!! Thanks for following btw <3

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Aarica S.

Location: Minden Ontario Canada

Makeup for what you didn't do yesterday

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About Me

I am a 24 year old mom of one. He's almost two. I have been using make up for years, but I have just recently fell "IN LOVE" with it. I love trying new things and meeting new people so I decided to start a blog and join beautylish. I am still learning, but I figured I could teach what I learn as I go.

Eye Color: Hazel
Complexion: Light
Skin Type: Sensitive, Combination
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Coarse, Oily
Birthday: November 17
Age: 34



No in Canada we don't all live in Igloos and yes we have tv