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Another well coordinated Too Faced Palette

I've said it before... no one does palettes like Too Faced. This palette is no different. Great colors, all designed to create a no mess and no fuss look.

My favorite "look" is Day Dreamer - a nice neutral look. I tried the glamorous look "Sultry Swan" and found that it really was not a look that I would wear.

It was this palette that made me realize that I really need to stop picking up palettes without really paying attention to the colors. I own enough Too Faced palettes that at this point they'd have to come up with something completely different from their current offerings to make purchasing another palette worth my while.

Part of my "Pouch"

When I was putting together the "go to" pouch to keep in the backpack I wear when I'm riding my bike -Laura Geller's Balance and Brighten was the first product that I selected.

The powder does exactly what it says: it is a color correcting and full coverage powder that is perfect for days when you aren't in the mood to put on a full face.

Oh! This is definitely a product you want to apply with a brush - when I use a powder puff it always looks cakey to me.

No one does palettes like Too Faced

While Too Faced is not my favorite eye shadow - I must admit that they are hands down the coolest company when it comes to putting together palettes that are idiot proof.

The cards that come with the palette are perfect - put this color here, that color there and viola' you are rocking smoky eyes.

The Day colors are nice and neutral - I am partial to "Fawn" as a great mid tone. The Fashion colors are too glittery for my tastes but I'm a 40 something who eschews glittery colors of all sorts. The Classic colors are interesting, I've used them as accent colors never as directed but if I was in a Goth kind of mood they'd be gorgeous with a deep red lipstick.

All in all a good palette with great instruction cards that make achieving the look easy.

Nail Color Bonds!!!

Short and sweet: I use OPI Nail Envy then Bonder and then color and not only does the color last longer (a week on average before I start to see chips) my nails are actually growing.

GREAT All-In-One Nude Palette

I spent the winter on a quest to find the perfect nude palette - I was instantly drawn to the colors in the palette.

The colors are gorgeous - they go on smooth over primer, they are fairly long lasting though not as pigmented as some other brands. It's a great "toss it into your bag with a lipstick and powder" palette.

Fun Color

I picked up the Candy Apple Gloss after watching a tutorial on here - I love the color and I love the effect when I wear it over other matte reds (MAC's Runway Red, MAC Prolong for example).

I see that other reviewers have had better experiences in terms of how long they last - that has not been my experience. I would consider the gloss a one drink or cigarette (I don't smoke any longer) level in terms of how long it lasts.

Still, they are fun and truthfully wearing the glitter gloss is not something I do all the time.

Sheer, Moisturizing and Long Lasting

I know that there are a hundred other tinted lip balms out there and most are at a lower price point. All that said - I adore this lip balm and it is my summer go to lip product for days when all I want to do it put on some mascara and head out the door.

The color (No6 Luscious Cherry) is gorgeous - it's sheer and glossy without being sticky. The balm is also really moisturizing and it tastes lovely.

I use mostly balms during the summer - across price points. This one is worth the extra money in terms of the color, the moisture and how long it lasts on my lips.

I know Badgal's... this is not a Badgal kind of mascara

I appear to be on a Bash Benefit kick today which is unfair... I love a lot of their products. This mascara... not so much. I think that there are other mascaras at the same price point and cheaper that do a much better job.

For me, the mascara: 1. Dried up really fast 2. Didn't build up well 3. Wasn't well pigmented 4. Flaked Benefit is a great company, I love a lot of their products (including the "Yes, They're Real" mascara they recently released) The Badgals is just a miss.

Not the best product I've tried... got really dry after a little while.

Okay so I picked this up a few days ago after the Benefit Rep at Ulta used it to cover up the horrifying dark circles that I discovered under my eyes while roaming around the store.

So after eye cream, and primer he applied the Eye Paste and it seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately when I left the store and got in the car I realized that my entire under eye area looked like I'd forgotten to remove my Crypt Keeper Halloween Costume.

The Eye Paste settled into every line under my eyes and actually looked dried out and scaly. Because it was dried and scaly it actually made my under eye area look worse.

I'm going to give it another try sometime this week when I am home and won't frighten small children if the same thing happens. I'll update the review if it behaves differently.

Included in the Big Beautiful Eyes Palette... and works.

Okay so disclaimer: I only use the Boi-ing when I use the Big Beautiful Eyes palette and I use it after I've finished my eyes to touch up as suggested as part of the Big Beautiful Eyes instructions.

It's great for touch ups - I can't say that I was happy the few times I tried it as my under eye concealer. Even with primer (Benefit's Stay Don't Stray) I found the concealer a bit too heavy and it did settle into the FINE (denial) lines under my eyes. Also, despite how heavy it is, it didn't do a great job concealing the dark circles under my eyes.

Reader's Digest Version: Great to do touch up and clean up after applying eye make up. Not the best under eye concealer on the market.

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