Too Faced

Smoky Eye Collection


Abby P.

A kit that contains everything you need to create sexy, sizzling lids with no fuss or guesswork. it comes with pictures so u can put the right color on the right spot and get the perfect smokeyh eye look

Marla R.

I love all of the Too Faced palettes but this one is near and dear to my heart because it is a smokey collection! Definitely a must have for any makeup lover!

Sarah E.
Glad it's discontinued

This product is not good at all! The shadows are so unpigmented and the brushes it comes with are useless. I did a review on my youtube channel if you wanna see it "in action" . Overall I would stay away from this product and if the other too faced eyeshadows are like this I wouldn't buy them...

Zoe C.
love it!

my sister uses this all the time to do my make up. whether it's for homecoming, prom, birthday parties and all the formal whereabouts; or just work or performing on stage this palate has me always prepared. i don't know where i'd be without it and i honestly can't do anything without it. you can also mix and math the colors which makes it even more useful and you can become more creative as you go along with it too. We're almost done using the whole thing and it lasts a lifetime almost. it's so good.

Elizabeth F.
great staple colors

I know this is discontinued but I wish they'd bring it back! This collection has some gorgeous colors that are perfect for a variety of smoky looks. The colors are also super-pigmented. The black in the box is my go-to black.

Dharma W.
lovely smokey eye set!

great colors, great pigmentation, and the variety allows for a really nice deep smokey eye. This pallet is, as someone else said, "idiot proof" (though I don't like to say that, we're not idiots! though some of us are a little color challenged... haha) I love this pallet because it has depth, you can add a blue or green highlight to the smokey eye, instead of a brown that may be more expected. I love the high lights, and the nice large matte black you get. For the best application, as always, use a nice brush! the Too Faced brushes are also lovely.

Daphne R.
No one does palettes like Too Faced

While Too Faced is not my favorite eye shadow - I must admit that they are hands down the coolest company when it comes to putting together palettes that are idiot proof.

The cards that come with the palette are perfect - put this color here, that color there and viola' you are rocking smoky eyes.

The Day colors are nice and neutral - I am partial to "Fawn" as a great mid tone. The Fashion colors are too glittery for my tastes but I'm a 40 something who eschews glittery colors of all sorts. The Classic colors are interesting, I've used them as accent colors never as directed but if I was in a Goth kind of mood they'd be gorgeous with a deep red lipstick.

All in all a good palette with great instruction cards that make achieving the look easy.

Denise D.
Too faced palettes

Had a wedding party of 11! Used almost all too faced palettes, on all the ladies.....great products! They actually have another smokey eye palette that is better than this one, I think it's newer smoking jacket, cloves and nice ash or my face colors!

Rebecca M.

I was given this as a gift for christmas and I just love it! The shadows are really pigmented and the colours are beautiful. With the instruction cards, this makes it so easy to create a smokey eye!

Sydney C.

I I bought this a while back and its really good for smokey eyes and teaching you how to create them! I love how it comes with a day time smokey eye, a classic, and a fashion smokey eye. However for the money you pay for it it's not that great. It's been sitting in my makeup drawer for probably two months now. Overall, I think it's nice but I will not be reperchasing this!