Yves Saint Laurent

Volupté Sheer Candy

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peppy g.
Great lip stain...

First red lipstick (color doesn't suit me). But I've found that this makes a LOVELY lip stain/base. So just leave it on your lips for like 2-3 hours before you go and wipe it off (it doesn't sting like some lip stains by Korean brands). I like to put Revlon Lip Butter's Peach Parfait (which is too pale on its own) over the stain. Anytime I have a lip color that's too pale on its own, I'll use this as a stain-base.

EDIT: Forgot to mention how lovely this smells! It's like lemons/limes and a berry.

Nicki N.
Silly me, why did I try this?

This smells delicious. The packaging is super luxe and fancy. They're a nice, low maintenance lip color. They're moisturizing.... now WHY did I try this? It's a beautiful pop of hot pink color. Too bad it's super expensive. :( Because I want them allll.

Tricia P.
one of my absolute favorite lip products

the texture is great - it's very sheer but super hydrating. the colors are beautiful. i love wearing this because it is low maintenance and very pretty. smells really cute too!

Joshua R B.
Cutest lip product!

I adore this product simply for it's sweet candy scent, it's versatility, and it's opulent tube 0.o Well I'll start by saying I love Pomegranate ANYTHING, it's my second fave fruit next to pineapples! So that's the first shade that caught my eye! Second it's moisturization is to die for, the moisture lasts and lasts -_- the color and gloss of this is totally buildable, 1 swipe = super sheer tint and lasting moisture, 2-3 swipes equals medium tint with a subtle shine, and 4 or more swipes equals a bright tint and brilliant luster! (depending on which shade you use the effect varies). Downside to this product is the more you apply throughout the day, the more stained your lips become, however remember I said it lasts! So, a little goes a long way with this!

Ashley H.
Addictive sheer moisturizing tint

Pretty, moisturizing, with a heavenly texture...most glosses are gooey or tacky, but YSL's volupte sheer candy goes on smooth and glossy with a pop of sheer color. Unfortunately not the most long-lasting, but with such gorgeous packaging, it's ok to be spotted re-applying!

Shannon M.

These are the best tinted lip balm ever. The formula is very smooth and shiny. Not to mention the gorgeous packaging. The color is also very apparent even on my dark lips. The taste is also great. I just want to eat the gloss. I love the sheer, shiny color!!!

Daphne R.
Sheer, Moisturizing and Long Lasting

I know that there are a hundred other tinted lip balms out there and most are at a lower price point. All that said - I adore this lip balm and it is my summer go to lip product for days when all I want to do it put on some mascara and head out the door.

The color (No6 Luscious Cherry) is gorgeous - it's sheer and glossy without being sticky. The balm is also really moisturizing and it tastes lovely.

I use mostly balms during the summer - across price points. This one is worth the extra money in terms of the color, the moisture and how long it lasts on my lips.