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Super pigmented, smooth and plain awesome! ;)

I have Goldilux, Absinthe, Royal Sugar, Tiara and Decora. I'm pretty sure Goldilux and Royal Sugar are my favorites - probably because I find those two to be the most unique. I use all of them though, and really like how they apply, the color payoff, texture and ability to blend!

This color is the perfect and most natural pink cheek color for me and it lasts all day! I'm not sure what I think of the packaging, but I do find the product quite easy to apply. It's also fairly easy to blend it out and avoid streaks. It doesn't show up on my lips at all though, but I didn't buy it for that anyway, so it's okay, lol ;)

Very, very similar to MAC Springsheen!

This blush gives me a really nice and natural color when applied lightly. It's buildable and can give me more color if that's what I want. It's quite similar to MAC Springsheen(which is why I won't buy Orgasm again) so take a look at that before you buy NARS Orgasm, since Orgasm is a bit pricey!

The color truly is great on most (if not all) different skintones though!

I can't believe this is getting discontinued! :(

The first time I smelled this I thought it was wayyyy too heavy and didn't like it at all. Then I tried it on! ;)

If you only apply a small amount it's delicious! Probably my very favorite scent in the winter! I'm pretty much addicted to the sweet vanilla scent now!

I can't believe this is getting discontinued! :(

This is one of my favorite perfumes :) It lasts really long on me and I always gets compliments when I wear it. The bottle is small but I think the size is pretty great if you have a lot of perfumes, since you'd actually be able to use it up before it goes bad ;)

Amazing, sparkly awesomeness!

I'm a big fan of dazzleglasses, and this color is one of my favorites!

Dazzleglasses are pretty sheer in color, but have a lot of fine glitter in them and last pretty well on me - probably because of how sticky they are ;)

Funtabulous looks great over bubble gum pink lipsticks like Pink Nouveau or St. Germain but my favorite way to wear it is on top of Cyber lipstick! The combo is such an amazing, dark, sparkly purple and I love it for a bold look :D Too bad the dazzleglasses are so expensive for the amount of product you get :/

Probably my favorite purple color!

I absolutely love the colour and payoff of this eyeshadow, but it stains my lids :/ I still use it though, so if I ever run out I'll probably buy it again just because it's such an amazing colour ;)

Awesome colors, stupid packaging.

I don't have a lot of Urban Decay products so I found this to be a great start :) You get a lot of product for the money in the Urban Decay palettes! I only wish that there would have been a better selection of matte shades in the palette. Also, even though the packaging is cute, it's pretty impractical.

Must have if you like brights!

Amazing product to have if you like bright colors!! Only downside is that all the products are shiny so I personally think you do have to use some matte shadows with the palette to do those really amazing looks. Amazing palette though! And you get a lot for the price!! The quality of the eyeshadows is great as well. They are extremely pigmented, smooth and easy to blend. Truly a must have if you like bright colors!

Sooooo quick and easy to use!

I'm loving this powder! I use NW15 and find it to be a lot lighter than many of the MAC NW15 in liquid foundation - especially the NW15 Studio Fix Fluid! I often use this on it's own when I'm a hurry. I apply it with a kabuki brush and get really nice coverage from it. It can work on top of foundation too, but when I use it like that, I just use a regular powder brush since I don't want a lot of product on.

Be careful with it if you have dry skin though. Since it's matte, it tends to accentuate any dryness.

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