Dazzleglass Lipcolour


Bonnie W.

this makes your lips look so pretty and shiny wthout any stickiness at all, the slight glitter isnt overwhelming at all and is just beautiful :) it has good staying power and i love all the shades in the line as well xx

Gina L.

I stopped at a MAC store today and went crazy shopping. I ended picking funtabulous this lipgloss is very pretty with purple shimmers ... Can't wait to put this with a purple or pink lipstick

Jennifer K.
We're in a long-term relationship!

Is nearly all I wear. I love the consistency and feel. It lasts way longer than other glosses. And the sheer colours are perfect for apply and go. It is an essential staple for me!

Molly grace N.

I've ran out of this. I love it, i use it everyday, it's perfect, its got a peachy colour to it, it's so perfect. It smells like a dream and will always go with any look. I need to stock up on these asap, i love it that much xoxo

Julia N.
Pretty, but not worth it!

If these lip glosses came with more product for a lower price, I'd be much more in love with them. Smile is a unique shimmery gloss. It's a bit sticky but not gritty at all and I think it looks nice on me. From the swatches I've seen of other colors, they all look rather unique and they're pretty but not trashy like a lot of glittery glosses. I wish these were less sheer- they'd be near perfect if they were!

Angel H.

I love this product a great deal! but then again i only wear lip gloss, some peps might not like the wear of some lip glosses but i have to say this lip gloss does stay pretty well... just wish there was more product container holds very little and they are pricey that little....but over all i do love Mac lip glosses.

Stephanie C.
Fun for your lips but...

One of my favorites is Local Colour, I tried putting this on over a lipstick and I had to wipe everything off. It looked horrible! :( My recommendation is just to use it by itself.

Brittany M.
Beautiful, but some problems

Overall: These are prolly a bit to sticky for some people but I don't mind. They are also pretty sheer, but that doesn't bother me either. The only thing that bothers me is how when the gloss fades away it leaves chunks of glitter behind. I don't know if there is any way to fix that though :/

Color: Beautiful sheer purple with chunks of glitter. I love layering this over a red or rosey lipstick.

Raya Z.
Sticky but pretty!

I don't really like it for over lipstick but I adore it on plain lips! It is a little sticky which isn't very fun. It has the amazing signature vanilla MAC smell. The colors are very pretty, It's my favorite thing to add a little color a lot of shine while keeping it simple. Perfect when I'm in rush!

Maricel D.

overrated. You can only see the reflexes of the color and it has a very thick formula. Would not use it over a lipstick, otherwise it will leave ur lips very thick with product. Dont think its worth the price and the hype it comes with.