Hue: MV2


Heidi R.
love it

I was so sad to find out that they discontinued it! When it was available as soon as I ran out of my bottle i would hurry and buy another one!

Sofie U.
I can't believe this is getting discontinued! :(

The first time I smelled this I thought it was wayyyy too heavy and didn't like it at all. Then I tried it on! ;)

If you only apply a small amount it's delicious! Probably my very favorite scent in the winter! I'm pretty much addicted to the sweet vanilla scent now!

Akruti A.
Love love loooove!

This was bought for me as a present, and I just keep replacing it. It's a gorgeous, delicious smell, reminds me of the inside of a tic tac box! It's very soft and you only need a little bit of it to know it's on! I really hope they don't discontinue it :(... I might need to stock up!

Btw I rate it 5/5 ... for some reason only half a star shows up right now! >.<