Beauty Product Reviews


When you apply it the color pays off! But when you try to get a good result by smudging it a LITTLE bit the color dissapears. It isn't a mousse at all, it is more liquid. I didn't like this product, Maybelline misser :( xoxo


Deep color, easy to apply, stays for a long time! Perfect dupe for Bobbie Browns gel liner Tip: use it on your waterline, this doen't smudge as fast as normal eye pencils :) xoxo

Not sure...

I don't like the applicator, i took off the spunge and use it with a brush. It covers a little but not enough in my opinion! Though i love Maybelline!


I used this stuff every day! It doesn't stitch in the eyes, it only makes them blurry! For people with greasy skin: it doesn't make it worse! So feel free to use :D Note: You should use a face wash after, it only removes makeup, it DOES NOT clean your face!