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Beauty Product Reviews

this smells soooo lovely. its not too strong and yet i can smell it all day long. i bought it during the semi annual sale and i fell in love with it.

this product for me is a deffinite must have when using any type of styling to on my hair. it leaves my air sodt and shiny and makes it easier for me to flat iron my hair after using it. i purchased this in stop and shop one day while randomly searching thru the beauty aisle. i was a little skeptical about buying it because for the smallest bottle it was about $15 plus tax. Im glad i purchased this item. ive had it for about a year already and im not even done with half the bottle. My hair ends up being soft and manageable after each use and i love the smell. I feel like i just came out of the salon when using it. i will definitely repurchase! :)

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My Everyday Foundation

I bought this foundation in the winter cause my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Naturale broke && got water damaged. I asked the MAC counter associate what foundation would be best for an everyday foundation, one where i wouldnt look too over done. She introduced me to this new foundation which was the Matchmaster Foundation. She used only one pupmp of foundation on my whole face and it covered up my redness and acne scars up pretty well. I purchased it and have been using it ever since. It is now summer and i am a bit too dark for it. But once winter comes i am definitely going right back to it. It lasts me about 8 hours. And i rarely have to touch it up, unless i am having an oily day. i dont recomend this foundation for oily skin unless you have a really good setting powder && have time to touch up thru out the day. Over all i rate this a 4 and a half star foundation. :)


These lipsticks are so creamy and transfer onto the lips so lovely. My favorite shade was pumpkin pie because it was just my perfect nude! i have other colors as well and i love the pink shade. the only downfall is when ordering them online the swatches aren't really the same color as the actual lipsticks so you kind of have to go by guessing. the price is great for the quality. i would definitely repurchase!

This Stuff Works Wonders!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product. It leaves my foundation looking so flawless! When applying to my face it makes my face have a smooth canvas ready to apply my foundation right after. My makeup last ten times longer with this on. Especially on those days when my skin wants to have its oily moments. The one thing I dont like is its price. But i do not mind paying the price for a product that works wonders. :) its sooo worth it.