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Victoria's Secret

Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Scented Body Mist


Adrian T.
A VS fav!

Other then Sexy this is one of my favorite VS scents! It really is a tease lol I've had so many guys ask me what it is so they can purchase it for their ladies! It is fabulous!

Zahira D.
my fave!

I have to hide this from my mom & sisters lol but my hubby loves this scent, a little works perfectly and lasts all day! the only scent I love from v.s

S S.

At first, I was going to buy the perfume, but decided to try the body mist first. I LOVE this scent so much! It lasts for a long time (I sprayed a little on my wrist, and I can still smell it 5 hours later- after washing the dishes TWICE) and it is not too strong. Honestly, this is as strong if not stronger than the perfume and is half the price! It comes in a really pretty bottle (only difference from the picture above is that the bottle has a bright pink cap, not a silver one) with a good sprayer. It's hard to describe the smell: all I can really say about it is that it smells amazing! I would buy this again- and again and again, until I get sick of it which would probably NEVER happen!

Amanda A.
Love IT!

I don't like floral and this is perfect! It is a beautiful mix of light gardenia while the vanilla tones that down and give it warmth you can smell :) I got a huge sample from shopping during black friday and I have to buy the full size to carry in my car and gym bag.

Erica S.
Smells Amazing ♥

I AM OBSESSED! ♥ I love this perfume its amazing!! and smells amazing! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! i can wear and smell this all day long and never get tired of it ♥

Ashley M.
I love the smell

Because it sexy and it makes you feel like your going out on a date or night out but i only have the small size of it but fell in love with this .

Brandy B.

I love it!!! Sweet but not too sweet. Its the perfect balance between a youthful and mature smell. I wish it came in a Eau De Parfum so the scent lasted longer.

Britney W.
smells like heaven!

this smell is so refreshing, i dont own but my mom does and every chance i get i like to get a whiff of it because it just smells so good! fruit floral scent with vanilla, very feminine and very sexy. my mother always gets compliments when wearing this!

Sophia L.
using for 3 years

bought this 3 years ago and it's a lovely scent, it's not a strong scent and it's not a weak scent either. I bought this for myself and eventually my mom stole it from me. I don't like all Victoria secret perfumes but this one is a check plus in my book.

Denisha D.

this smells soooo lovely. its not too strong and yet i can smell it all day long. i bought it during the semi annual sale and i fell in love with it.