Victoria's Secret

Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Scented Body Mist


Adrian T.
A VS fav!

Other then Sexy this is one of my favorite VS scents! It really is a tease lol I've had so many guys ask me what it is so they can purchase it for their ladies! It is fabulous!

Zahira D.
my fave!

I have to hide this from my mom & sisters lol but my hubby loves this scent, a little works perfectly and lasts all day! the only scent I love from v.s

S S.

At first, I was going to buy the perfume, but decided to try the body mist first. I LOVE this scent so much! It lasts for a long time (I sprayed a little on my wrist, and I can still smell it 5 hours later- after washing the dishes TWICE) and it is not too strong. Honestly, this is as strong if not stronger than the perfume and is half the price! It comes in a really pretty bottle (only difference from the picture above is that the bottle has a bright pink cap, not a silver one) with a good sprayer. It's hard to describe the smell: all I can really say about it is that it smells amazing! I would buy this again- and again and again, until I get sick of it which would probably NEVER happen!

Sophia L.
using for 3 years

bought this 3 years ago and it's a lovely scent, it's not a strong scent and it's not a weak scent either. I bought this for myself and eventually my mom stole it from me. I don't like all Victoria secret perfumes but this one is a check plus in my book.

Amanda A.
Love IT!

I don't like floral and this is perfect! It is a beautiful mix of light gardenia while the vanilla tones that down and give it warmth you can smell :) I got a huge sample from shopping during black friday and I have to buy the full size to carry in my car and gym bag.

Erica S.
Smells Amazing ♥

I AM OBSESSED! ♥ I love this perfume its amazing!! and smells amazing! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! i can wear and smell this all day long and never get tired of it ♥

Ashley M.
I love the smell

Because it sexy and it makes you feel like your going out on a date or night out but i only have the small size of it but fell in love with this .

Denisha D.

this smells soooo lovely. its not too strong and yet i can smell it all day long. i bought it during the semi annual sale and i fell in love with it.

Abby R.

I literally just LOVE this spray. My cousin owns it and I cannot get enough of it. Any time I'm in her bathroom I just HAVE to smell it!

Brandy B.

I love it!!! Sweet but not too sweet. Its the perfect balance between a youthful and mature smell. I wish it came in a Eau De Parfum so the scent lasted longer.