Megan Fox Cat Eyes / Liner for narrow or small eyes.

  • Added Nov 26, 2011

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Feb 28, 2014

Hemlock S.

These stuff tested on animals

yeah, that coffee problem happens to me too waaaay too often... i did notice though it happens when i pour the first small batch of coffee before it finishes brewing the whole amount of water. =X

having that said, lol, i wanted to ask (and i guess the only way to find out is to try it myself) but do your looks look good on darker eye colors? it seems like every color looks amazing on you and its hard sometimes to tell if i like the look or im stuck on your beautiful eyes!! lol 

You look amazing, so beautiful xx

Nov 30, 2011

Nancy C.

Love it!

Nov 29, 2011

Anne S.

Thank you! Love this! I prefer the shadow pretty. I learned a lot!

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