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Baked Bronzer

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Lexa D.

I never tried bronzer before this, but I'm glad I tried this one. It makes you glow and looks so natural on your skin. The best part is that it works with any skin tone. Gilded is such a beautiful tone, it has visible veins of gold baked within it that provides a nice, subtle sparkle to your skin when you apply it. I would highly recommend it!

Julia K.
One of the most gorgeous bronzers

This bronzer is fabulous! It makes you look so sun kissed, and it looks so natural! This bronzer makes your face glow. It's perfect for spring and summertime! You can even use it as an eyeshadow, and it still looks gorgeous!

Inspired Artistry L.
best bronzer

This is literally the best bronzer for that summer glow you are trying to recive. the beautiful pearl effect it gives you with the color plus the highlight..AMAZING!. I use this on all my brides. absolutely gorgeous.

Stella V.

I really do love this bronzer other bronzers (NARS laggona) make me look like i but mud on my face. they just dont work for me and rnt the look im going for. Gilded is a sparkly bronzer but it gives you a goodess glow. i just adore this and being the UD junkie i am. would recommend this to everyone

Emilia N.
Average Bronzer, But It Won't Make You Look Dirty!

I found this bronzer to be average, yes it is not the best, but at the same time it is not bad. . I compared this to NARS Laguna, which I consider to be the holy grail of bronzers. In my opinion this formula too much on the orange side for me to consider it to be a truly amazing bronzer like Laguna. Any orange hue is not how naturally bronzed skin is supposed to look. What I did like about this is that the formula is quite bendable, it won't make you look dirty ever .Also it's not super pigmented so it looked good on lighter skin tones, and you can apply in layers as well.

Stephanie H.
Beautifully Bronzed!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

This is a really great bronzer. I have a few ranging from high end to drug store and this one is easily top 2 in my collection. It does not make me look muddy. I like that it is not completely matte. It has a very nice, not over powering sheen to it! A very nice all around bronzer.

Thoter T.

This is my all time must have Bronzer! It's soft, goes on easy and the price isn't bad at all. It also lasts a pretty time which is fab. This is a must have!

Rachelle R.
I'd marry it.

This is my favorite bronzer! I purchased my first one when the packaging was this really cute looking cupcake. ok, totally irrelevant but still, I loved it then. It's seriously the prettiest. I have more of a medium (beige) yellow undertone to my skin but still considered "tan" in the summer. anyway, I think it's really pretty and it's very soft and blendable. I like to layer my blush and this is something that is so pretty to brush right on top of the cheek where you would put your highlight. It gives off this beautiful shimmer and looks even BETTER in pictures. I found old pictures with me wearing it and that's when I purchased a new one. This sucker last FOR.EV.ER...enjoy it! bronzer it up!

Su L.
Meh, average.

The bronzer is currently on sale at urbandecay.com for $12 but originally it costs $24. I'm not a huge fan of this bronzer just because Gilded is way too sparkly for me and it just isn't the best bronzer I've used. There's a lot of fall out from the bronzer and I don't get the color I want to look "bronzed". I'm just not a fan-this is average and it's not worth $24 or even $12 for me.

Roslyn S.

I really like this bronzer. It's a little expensive at $29.00 a compact but I'm pretty certain it will last a long time. The color is really natural and goes on streak free. I like to use it to contour my face or use it as a highlight or blusher. I have not tried it wet yet but I'm interested to see how it will turn out. Overall I like this as a sublte natural bronzer. I would buy this again.

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