Bobbi Brown

Creamy Concealer


Sammi W. Team
i'm allergic to this :(

My friend let me try hers and I loved it!! Amazing coverage in a simple travel friendly pot. Sadly, when I picked up one of my own, I suspect that they changed the formulation because it made my face break out in rashes. It was a revolting mess, to say the least... but if you don't react to the formula, I'd say this product is worth it!

Erica W.

Finally something yellow-based! Plus it covers up my dark circles as well as a few little acne marks I have on my skin. The shade golden matches my skin perfectly so when I want to use it alone I can. I like that is creamy and blends easily but I find there are days where it does settle into a few fine lines I've developed, but I just set it with a little bit of powder. I usually apply it with my fingers and dab it on the areas I need coverage, it doesn't add too much but if I want a much lighter application I use a brush and then gently press it into my skin. This is one of the best concealers on the market right now, I love it.

Tiffani S.

I love this concealer to cover my dark spots under my eyes. My friend gave me this because she picked up the wrong color from the cco. I will be going to get more of this product! My shade is almond

Theresa G.
Photo of product included with review by Theresa G.

I really like this concealer for days that I have to cover up my undereye area when it is really bad. This product is a thick creamy concealer that is best if you are looking for full coverage for under your eyes. I have discovered the best way to apply this is with a fluffy brush. Doing it this way with give you the lightest application. Using your finger or a concealer brush will just make you put too much product under your eyes. Once I started using it this way I fell in love with it.

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Saidah J.

its just best consiler. my top 3 for sure, actually top 2 ( also giorgio armani). in whole bobbi brown range i think consiler is the best product and few foundations as well.

Danielle G.
Too thick

I have this in porcelain and it is a good shade for my under eyes and I did use it until the product was gone. However, it never looked quite right. If i didn't put powder to set it, it was too creamy and whenever I applied powder to set it, it became too cakey. I even tried just using the mineral veil by bare essentials, which is an extremely lightweight powder, to set it. It's really too bad because it didn't really crease, but the consistency of the formula just wasn't right for me. I guess I'll keep looking!

Althea N.
New favorite

I recently discovered this in Sephora when I was shopping for a new way to cover my dark circles..... And it makes me look like a new woman! I feel like they instantly disappear. The fact that this is a cream concealer makes it blend more into my skin in my opinion. I always finish it off with a powder to make sure it sets (which they have a set that I use for the pressed powder), and I get some pretty good wear out of it!

Beta R.
Just the way I want it :)

Nice creamy texture, pretty coverage, and matched skin tone =). After applying it, it's recommended to put a little powder on top of it, since it'll make the coverage stay longer. But be careful NOT put it too much. There were some complains that this product is kinda cakey, but I don't have any problem with that.

For the price, you should really try it on their booth and go shopping or anything for some hours and see how it works for you. If you love it, go for it.

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Angela W.
My little secret!!

I found my match made in makeup heaven!! I was getting so discouraged with trying to find the right concealer for me that I almost gave up. Then I tried the BB one and fell in love!!! I have very dry skin under my eyes and I worry about it intensifying my fine lines....I mean who wants to look older?? (I didn't mean if you are 18 dying to look 25...LOL) Once I put on my BB hydrating eye cream and let that settle, then apply the concealer....I look in the mirror and say," Oh hello!! It sure doesn't look like you didn't sleep at all last night:)" Its great! If I could recommend one thing though, I would pay the extra $10 and get the concealer kit versus just the concealer (the kit comes with the creamy concealer and setting powder with a cute little poof). It is better bang for your buck!:)

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